Vision 2017

Message from the Chancellor:

April 2010

In 2007, 55 leaders from Alaska, the Lower 48 and the university served on the UAF Vision Task Force. The group made recommendations on how UAF can position itself to become one of the world's premier arctic research and teaching universities by 2017, when UAF celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Since the creation of the task force report, the university has charged diligently ahead. We've linked the task force recommendations with components of the Strategic Plan 2010, to develop the Vision 2017 Plan.

The Vision 2017 Plan presents a clear road map for the university to follow over the next seven years. It establishes, within each of the six pathways, clearly defined objectives, targets and strategies, along with budget impact and which UAF unit is responsible for each of them.

As you look through the six pathways and the various objectives and targets tied to each one, you'll see that we have a great task ahead of us. But that's as it should be. Great universities such as ours are up to great tasks. I am committed to working with the entire university community to make sure that the end result is nothing short of success.

In the UAF of 2010, we are reaping the fruits of the labor of those who came before us. With the Vision 2017 Plan, we are making sure that those who are here in the future will be able to reap the fruits of our labor.


Brian Rogers, UAF Chancellor 2008-2015
Brian Rogers, UAF Chancellor 2008-2015


Current Status of Task Force Recommendations (April 2010)

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