URSA Award Dates

See the URSA Award Schedule for announcement and deadline dates for URSA's many award opportunities. Undergraduate student travel awards and project awards are offered both fall and spring semesters; summer project awards are offered each summer. Mentoring awards are offered each fall semester; mentors include faculty, post-docs and graduate students. Students are eligible to receive multiple awards from URSA while at UAF.

URSA Fall Project Awards 2015

Diana Berry - Art History Practicum: The W.D. Berry Collection in Rasmuson Library
Forrest Campnell - Concentration of Total Mercury in Cigarettes and Fish Muscle Tissue Purchased in La Paz, Mexico: Examining a Route of Human Exposure
Gabriel Cartegena - Living With HIV/AIDS - Understanding Survivorship Through Photovoice
Patrick Graham - Integrating Multiplatform Remote Sensing and Field Data to Estimate Surface Energy Fluxes in Arctic Ecosystems
Raymond Hoffmann - Development of a GIS for Mapping McCarty Glacier
Candace Kruger - Historic and Contemporary Deg Hit’an Basketry
Tiffany Lamken - Toxoplasma Gondii Prevalence in Fairbanks, Alaska
Landis Mathis-Booker - Chemically Synthesizing Hemp Biodiesel
Ronin Ruerup - Chemically Synthesizing Hemp Biodiesel
Carl Sage - Antigone: Dramaturgy, Design, and Performance
Elizabeth Smith - Sharing With Robots: Using NAO to Measure Joint Attention

URSA Award Criteria
1. The purpose of the student's proposed project.
2. Explanation of the intellectual merit of the proposed project.
3. Explanation of the proposed project's contribution to a scholarly discipline.
4. The student articulates clear goals and/or expected outcomes of the project.
5. The potential for the proposed project to effect student learning or scholarly development.
6. The faculty mentor's role and/or participation in the project.
7. The written quality of the proposal.
8. The student, through articulate writing and inclusion of detail, makes a compelling case for funding the project.
9. The feasibility of the proposed project.

10. The project budget and justification.

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