Women's Center Advisory Board

On November 5, 2012 Chancellor Brian Rogers appointed exceptional students, staff and faculty to serve as the Women's Center Advisory Board.

In the appointment letter Chancellor Rogers said, "The committee charge is to advise the center, its manager, and the chancellor on how UAF can best meet the mission of the UAF Women’s Center:

The UAF Women's Center provides resources and support as women empower themselves and one another in their pursuit of individual and collective goals. The Center strives to create an atmosphere in which all people are free to affirm and celebrate their differences, including but not limited to differences of gender, race, sexual orientation, class, age, religion, and physical and mental ability. In accordance with UAF's Mission Statement and Strategic Plan, the Women's Center exists to educate the community about gender-related issues and thus endeavors to transform any discriminatory institutional structures and practices. The Center provides services to, and participates in the education of UAF students, faculty, staff, and women in the Fairbanks community. To fulfill this mission, the Women's Center works for the provision of adequate space and programs to aid and enhance the growth of women throughout the university; advocates for the removal of barriers that inhibit the full participation of women in the community; promotes non-oppressive attitudes and behaviors in all individuals; and enriches the campus by providing an interdisciplinary forum for women's cultural, spiritual, aesthetic, social, and intellectual lives."


The Women's Center Advisory Board consists of:

Carol Gold, Professor of History, Emeritus, CLA
Kerrie Dufseth, Program Coordinator, Honors Programs
Hannah Hill, Undergraduate Student and UAF Green Bikes Mechanic
Josh Hovis, Student Organizations Coordinator, LIVE Program
Patty Kastelic, community representative and retired Executive Director, UA Human Resources
Ellen Lopez, Assistant Professor of Psychology, CANHR/IAB
Deb Corso, Graduate Student, Northern Studies
Jane Weber, Associate Professor of Developmental Education, CRCD

The Women's Center looks forward to working with this outstanding board.