Services and Links


  • Referrals and Information
    The Center's staff provides referrals and information for helpful and crisis organizations within the community, for issues including sexual assault, harassment, child care, and for women seeking assistance with personal and professional decisions.
  • Resource Library
    The Center houses a small, specialized resource library that holds books by and about women: a collection of books, periodicals, magazines, and video tapes on women's lives, cultures, histories, interests, needs, and issues.
  • Events
    Attend or plan sponsored events such as discussions, workshops, films, and guest speakers, which focus on women's issues.
  • Peer Support Groups
    Join or start a group for people with common interests, situations, or backgrounds.
  • Advocacy
    Policy work and support to improve women's equity on campus.


  •  A women-centered place to read a book, talk with a friend, find a valuable resource, request help, hold special events and programs, or meet with small groups.

Calls and visits--the heart of the Women's Center

  • A single mother calling to find out if there are support groups in the area.
  • A student coming in to talk about a friend who was raped.
  • Non-traditional students seeking information on re-entry into the educational system, asking "Where do I begin?"
  • A student needing a place to study.
  • A female student experiencing depression and anxiety over sex discrimination in a traditionally all-male field of study.
  • A new community member seeking a support network.
  • A faculty member wanting to help a student who is a victim of violence.
  • A student wanting information on gay/lesbian social and support organizations in the area.
  • A female community member needing help getting out of the abusive relationship she is in, and wondering where to go.
  • A student wondering how to recognize an abusive relationship.
  • A female student/ faculty/ staff member experiencing sex discrimination and harassment from male colleagues.


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