Get Involved

The Women's Center alone cannot erase or challenge all sexism on campus. Our efforts must be combined with other units, departments, campus organizations and community members to promote a fair and equitable learning and working environment. You can contribute to this effort.

How to get involved

We offer volunteer and internship opportunities for anyone interested. Both provide a way to get involved with women's issues, to be creative about your work, and to make a contribution.

  • become a volunteer
  • participate in events and programs (see our calendar above, or get on our email list)
  • inform the Center's staff of your needs and interests

The following is a sample list of some internship and volunteer positions that have existed through the Women's Center:

Social Work/Psychology Intern:

Researches and provides workshops on issues of concern, such as Rape/Date Rape, AIDS, Women in the Media, etc.

Women's History Month Volunteer:

Helps out in general with the events during Women's History Month. Staffs a table in the Wood Center with information on women in history, and issues of concern to women, to help educate the community. Offers a performance or reading on International Women's Day, helps plan events.

Advocacy Volunteer:

Volunteers to be trained to help out at the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living, or, provides workshops on what is involved in advocacy, and recruits potential advocates.

Community Education Volunteer:

Volunteers to hold a talk or workshop on a topic of special interest relating to women.

Library and Research Volunteer:

Responsible for library and resource file maintenance and updating. Includes compiling a wish-list of new books needed for the Women's Center library and gathering up-to-date articles and other news-worthy items for the resource files.

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