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If you are new to the University, want to improve your position or just need a quick refresher, you can go to the UAF Training website to get the answers you're looking for -- all in one place! Just click the link above to get started.

Supervisory Training

Supervisory Training Policy

Online Supervising for Success

In-Person Supervising for Success

New Supervisor Orientation

PPA Trainings & Bi-Weekly Briefs

PPA Trainings
All mandatory PPA Training Sessions are scheduled through the UAF Training calendar.
The Bi-Weekly Briefs Document explains what they are and who should attend. Please see the Notes below. 

Ethics Training

Ethics Training Video

Credit for Ethics Training: 
Please complete and retain the Ethics Class Record Form for your own records. *The UAF Office Human Resources is not currently recording attendance for this course.*

Bullying Awareness Training

Bullying Awareness Training Policy

Online Bullying Awareness Training

In-Person Bullying Awareness Training

Employee Tuition Waiver Benefits

Regular employees must have completed the 6 month probationary period for new hires to be eligible for tuition waiver or tuition waiver for spouse or dependent. Please see the forms on the Statewide HR Benefits website -- click here.

Other Training Opportunities & Resources

Career Track
ComPsych Webinars
Employee Online Training
National Seminars Group
Required Safety Training
Skillsoft Resources

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