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Staff Resources & Quick Links

UAF staff (non-faculty employees) provide the foundation that forms UAF's administrative workforce. This page is an overview of commonly needed staff resources.

Employment: Administrative resources for UAF staff.

 University of Alaska policies and regulations.                           Stay healthy with Healthyroads!

Staff Development: Personal & professional growth opportunities.  


Search for UA courses.



Comprehensive planning and information management.



A day to celebrate employee accomplishments and provide professional development opportunities.

 UAF Governance and Staff Council: Make your voice heard!

UAF Governance includes Faculty Senate, Staff Council, ASUAF and Governance Coordinating Committee.

Joining your branch of governance provides you with the chance to weigh in on the issues that matter here at the university.

Click the link below to learn more!

Have you ever had a great idea which you felt could benefit the university, but not known to whom you should voice it? Would you love the opportunity to play a part in decision making at UAF?

Share your ideas, concerns and needs as a staff member today! Click the link below to contact your Staff Council Representative (if the seat(s) for your unit is unassigned, contact any of the At Large representatives!) or to find out how to run for a chair in the next election!



But wait... what IS Staff Council? What do they do? Click this link to find out!

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