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Please Note:
To insure timely processing of your request please attach the job form for the change with the memo request. All requests will be effective in the next available pay run. A copy of the approved memo will be faxed to the PPA of the department.

Performance Evaluation/Appraisal Tools


PPA References

Compatible Employee Classes
Leave Share FAQ
Pay Factor Calculator
Pre-Retirement Checklist
UA HR Workflow Resources
I-9 Handbook for Employers

Memo Templates

Memo - LWOP or LOA
Memo- Confidentiality Agreement
Memo- In Grade Step
Memo- Out of Class
Term Funded PCN Roll Template

Simultaneous Grad & Undergrad Assignment Procedures

Memo Template
Procedures Information

Out of State Workers

UAF Process for Approval of Out of State Workers
Employee Work Outside of Alaska - Online Process
Work Outside of Alaska Form
State Tax Withholding Certificates
Cancellation of Work Outside Alaska Form
Work Activity Outside Alaska FAQs
Telecommuting Guidelines
Telecommuting Agreement

General Policies

BOR Policy-Employee Relations
Candidacy of University Employees
Children in the Workplace

Helpful Computer System Links


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