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UAF Office of Human Resources TKL Listing

UAF Office of Human Resources Organization Chart

Appointment Letter Templates:

Appointment Letter Templates for Represented Employees

Appointment Letter Templates for Non-Represented Employees

Please Note: To insure timely processing of your request, please attach the job form for the change with the memo request. All requests will be effective in the next available pay run.

A copy of the approved memo will be faxed to the PPA of the department.

Performance Evaluation and Appraisal Tools

A brilliant sunset is seen from the Fairbanks campus on a late January afternoon*NEW!*Performance Evaluation Template #1 

 Performance Evaluation Template #1 Instructions


   Performance Evaluation Template #2

Job Families
Are you working on reclassifying a PD?
Refer to the UA Job Families listed on the Statewide site to see if you are on the "right track" with your reclassification!

Job Families

File Reviews: Rehiring Former or Transferring Current UA Employees

Reviewing UAF Personnel Files
PPAs and Hiring Committees
: Need to review a UAF personnel file for a recruitment?

Please fill out the form below and submit it to our office. We will prep the file for review and call you to make an appointment as soon as it is ready.

For confidentiality reasons, all files must be reviewed in the UAF Office of Human Resources, at the Administrative Services Center, Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Please bring photo ID.

Request to Review Personnel Records Form

References for PPAs

Compatible Employee Classes
Leave Share FAQ
Pay Factor Calculator
Pre-Retirement Checklist
UA HR Workflow Resources
I-9 Handbook for Employers
2017 HR Processing Calendar

Memo Templates

Memo - LWOP or LOA
Memo - Confidentiality Agreement
Memo - In Grade Step
Memo - Out of Class
Memo - (Post Doc) FN-->F9 Ecls Change
Term Funded PCN Roll Template

Simultaneous Grad & Undergrad Assignments

Memo Template
Procedures Information

Out of State Workers

UAF Process for Approval
Work Outside of Alaska - Online Process

Cancellation of Work Outside Alaska Form
Work Activity Outside Alaska FAQs
State Tax Withholding Certificates
Telecommuting Guidelines
Telecommuting Agreement

General Policies

BOR Policy-Employee Relations
Candidacy of University Employees
Minors in the Workplace

Voluntary Reduction Forms and Information

Exempt Request Form
Non-exempt Request Form
Benefit Considerations for Reductions

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