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To send our Personnel technicians a quick note or to ask a question, contact them at the email address below!

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Job Form Examples

Hourly Adjunct (Primary Assign NR) - FW Ecls
Regular Faculty Contract Extension - F9 Ecls
Regular Faculty Contract Extension END - F9 Ecls

Regular Faculty Contract Extension - FN Ecls
Regular Faculty Summer Assignment - A9 Ecls
Graduate Assistant - FICA Taxable - GT Ecls

Personnel Checklists

myUA Hire Checklist

Archived checklists (for reference only):
New Hire Checklist
Rehire Checklist
Active Employee Checklist
International Employee Checklist

Salary Schedules

Salary Schedules
Adjunct Faculty Salary Schedule

Nanook Ice Sculpture

Foreign Nationals

Departmental Glacier Access Request
Glacier Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Login

UAF Campus PCNs (Financial Services)     

Paperless Job Process

Necessary Budget Approvals for Job Forms     

Summer and Academic Year Dates and Deadlines 2016 through 2017

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