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A Message from UAF Payroll:
UAF Payroll currently uses mornings to key payroll data for both UAF and Statewide employees. In order to allow for accurate and timely keying of this data, UAF Payroll will not take calls until 1PM daily.

If you experience a payroll emergency, please contact your department PPA (Personnel Payroll Assistant) and they will help you to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you may email our Payroll staff at the address below. They will research your concern, and get back with you as soon as they are able.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause, but hope that it allows us to better serve the UAF and Statewide communities as a whole.

UAF Payroll Group Email:

Payroll Links for Employees:




Direct Deposit Information

UAF Payroll strongly suggests the use of direct deposit. To read about direct deposit at UA, follow these links below:

Pay Stubs

All employees can find their pay stubs and current pay information at UAOnline

UA Total Compensation Information

Follow this link to see Statewide's breakdown of this information:  

Total compensation shows an employee’s salary combined with what UA, as the employer, pays for various benefits.

Employment Verification

UA now uses the company i2Verify to provide employment verification services.

i2Verify is able to provide employment verification immediately, and gives you, the employee, access to see all your employment information, see who has requested and accessed your employment information, and allows you to provide input as to who can access your information and for what reason. You can create an account, access your information, directly print simplified or detailed employment letters and restrict access to your information all from your dashboard. 

To start this process, simply go to i2Verify.com or call them directly at (888) 458-6319.

Note: i2Verify cannot complete verifications for the purpose of retirement benefits, unemployment insurance or public assistance claims. For all of these requests, please contact our office directly.

Jury Duty

At the University of Alaska, Fairbanks:

"In order that university employees may fulfill their civic responsibility as jurors or subpoenaed witnesses, regular employees are granted leave of absence with pay for these purposes. It is the responsibility of the employee to keep her/his supervisor or department head informed of the anticipated time to be spent away from the job for this purpose.

Any pay received by regular employees from a court system must be promptly submitted by the employee to the university to offset part of the cost of such absences. Temporary employees receive leave without pay and may retain the payment from the court."

Read more at Statewide's UA Benefits Page.

Helpful Tax Information

UA Tax Form Contacts
Tax Information for Employees (IRS site)
1095-C Form Access via UAOnline
W-2 Form Access via UAOnline

W-2 and W-2c FAQ 
W-2 Form Explanation
W-4 Information (Federal Income Tax Withholding)

Payroll Links for Administrative Users and PPAs:

Time Sheet Procedures & How To's

Exempt Time Sheet Printing Procedures
How to Print Time Sheets
Labor Account Codes

Time Sheet Examples

Exempt Employees
FML - Intermittent with Sick Leave
FML – Continuous
Worker's Compensation Leave

Non-Exempt Employees

FML - Intermittent with Sick Leave
FML – Continuous
Worker's Compensation Leave
Holiday Leave
Work Hours on a Holiday
Holiday Leave & Annual Leave
Holiday Leave - Flex Schedule

Forms & Templates

Time Sheet Exempt Enterable
Time Sheet Exempt PDF
Time Sheet Non-Exempt Enterable
Time Sheet Non-Exempt PDF
W4 Form

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Policy
Formal Recognition Form
Informal Recognition Form

Supplemental Pay

All forms must be printed on the requesting department's letterhead.

Award Payment
Bonus UNAC F9
Bonus Other
Flat Fee Payment

Web Time Entry

Annual Leave Cash-In

Annual Leave Cash-In L6070
Annual Leave Cash-In Non-Union

Taxable Benefits

Taxable Benefit Memo
Personal Use of UA Vehicle
Taxable Tuition Memo
Taxable Housing Determination Form 

Misc. Taxable Benefit
Relocation Allowance

Vista Plus

Vista Plus
Vista Plus User's Guide
Vista Plus Procedures

BoR Reg. 05-02: Finance & Business Management

Compliance Reporting Regulations
Payroll Requirements for Honorariums
Employee Bonuses, Honorarium & Flat Fee Procedures

Employment Definitions BOR R04.05.020.

D.  Fair Labor Standards Act and Alaska Wage and Hour Law Criteria

  1. Nonexempt Employment
    1. Employees in nonexempt categories will be compensated on an hourly basis, rather than salary, and will be eligible for overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 per work week, as approved in advance by the employee's immediate supervisor, unless otherwise excepted by the Fair Labor Standards Act and/or the Alaska Wage and Hour Laws. Hours worked excludes all leave and holiday hours.
    2. Nonexempt employees will not be eligible for compensatory time-off in lieu of overtime pay. This regulation does not prohibit the arrangement of flexible working schedules for employees which do not exceed 40 hours in any work week.
    3. Nonexempt employees are required to submit timesheets for all hours.
  2. Exempt Employment
    1. Employees in exempt categories will be compensated by salary, rather than hourly rates of pay, and will not be eligible for overtime pay.
    2. Exempt employees are not required by federal or state law to submit timesheets for pay purposes; however, they may be required to do so by the supervisor or department head and must always submit timesheets when using leave hours during the pay period in question.


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