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                UAF Payroll Group Email: uaf-payroll@alaska.edu

Payroll Links for Administrative Users and PPAs:

Time Sheet Procedures & How To's

Exempt Time Sheet Printing Procedures
How to Print Time Sheets
Labor Account Codes

Time Sheet Examples

Exempt Employees
FML - Intermittent with Sick Leave
FML – Continuous
Worker's Compensation Leave

Non-Exempt Employees

FML - Intermittent with Sick Leave
FML – Continuous
Worker's Compensation Leave
Holiday Leave
Work Hours on a Holiday
Holiday Leave & Annual Leave
Holiday Leave - Flex Schedule

Forms & Templates

Time Sheet Exempt Enterable
Time Sheet Exempt PDF
Time Sheet Non-Exempt Enterable
Time Sheet Non-Exempt PDF
W4 Form

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Policy
Formal Recognition Form
Informal Recognition Form

Supplemental Pay

All forms must be printed on the requesting department's letterhead.

Award Payment
Bonus UNAC F9
Bonus Other
Flat Fee Payment

Web Time Entry

Annual Leave Cash-In

Annual Leave Cash-In L6070
Annual Leave Cash-In Non-Union

Taxable Benefits

Taxable Benefit Memo
Personal Use of UA Vehicle
Taxable Tuition Memo
Taxable Housing Determination Form 

Misc. Taxable Benefit
Relocation Allowance

Helpful Tax Information
UA Tax Form Contacts
W-2 and W-2c Frequently Asked Questions 

Vista Plus

Vista Plus
Vista Plus User's Guide
Vista Plus Procedures

BoR Reg. 05-02: Finance & Business Management

Compliance Reporting Regulations
Payroll Requirements for Honorariums
Employee Bonuses, Honorarium & Flat Fee Procedures

Employment Definitions BOR R04.05.020.

D.  Fair Labor Standards Act and Alaska Wage and Hour Law Criteria

  1. Nonexempt Employment
    1. Employees in nonexempt categories will be compensated on an hourly basis, rather than salary, and will be eligible for overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 per work week, as approved in advance by the employee's immediate supervisor, unless otherwise excepted by the Fair Labor Standards Act and/or the Alaska Wage and Hour Laws. Hours worked excludes all leave and holiday hours.
    2. Nonexempt employees will not be eligible for compensatory time-off in lieu of overtime pay. This regulation does not prohibit the arrangement of flexible working schedules for employees which do not exceed 40 hours in any work week.
    3. Nonexempt employees are required to submit timesheets for all hours.
  2. Exempt Employment
    1. Employees in exempt categories will be compensated by salary, rather than hourly rates of pay, and will not be eligible for overtime pay.
    2. Exempt employees are not required by federal or state law to submit timesheets for pay purposes; however, they may be required to do so by the supervisor or department head and must always submit timesheets when using leave hours during the pay period in question.


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