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New Employee Benefits Orientation Schedule Form -- Google Docs

All information for NEO must be filled out by the department PPA and received no later than the Friday prior to the scheduled orientation date.  New employees will not be scheduled the week of orientation.  

New employee benefits orientations are the first and third Wednesday of each month, except holiday weeks. Orientation is held at CTC downtown and starts promptly at 8:30 am, lasting till 4:30 pm. There is an hour for lunch.

The CTC Cafe is available for coffee/drinks/snacks. It opens at 8 am and closes at 7:45 pm.

All rural orientations will be done through conference calling on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Orientation starts promptly at 8:30 am.

We appreciate your assistance and cooperation to ensure all new hires are notified of their benefits in a timely manner.

New Employee Schedule Form

Onboarding Checklist Template

Our HR PPA collected the information on this checklist over the last few years.  We use this checklist each time we welcome a new employee to our HR staff.  We suggest you customize the list to your office structure. This checklist is very extensive but it is effective.

HR Onboarding Checklist Template

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