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UAF Personnel & Payroll Calendars

Payroll Calendars, Staff Benefit Rates and Other Resources

Salary Schedules        Holiday Schedule

HR Processing Calendars

Nanook bear snow sculptures

Personnel/Payroll Submission Schedules

2015 Personnel/Payroll Submission Schedule
2016 Personnel/Payroll Submission Schedule
2017 Personnel/Payroll Submission Schedule
Payroll Deadlines
Web Time Entry (WTE)

Chart of Pay Periods and Labor Distributions

Fiscal Year 2015
Fiscal Year 2016
Fiscal Year 2017

Other UAF Calendars

UAF Academic Calendar

UAF Public Events Calendar

UAF Centennial Events Calendar

UAF has been a cornerstone of Alaska for the past 100 years, and it will continue to be a cornerstone in the next 100.

UAF Centennial Events Calendar
Click the image to be taken to the UAF Centennial Events Calendar!

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