President Gamble has requested feedback on the proposed changes to the UA Choice Health Care Plan for FY14.  This is your chance to provide feedback, ask questions, and address concerns that you have about the proposed changes.  Proposed changes include not allowing people to opt out of the health care plan and the addition of a spousal surcharge.  This is our opportunity to speak up before changes are final.

To read the latest information and submit feedback and comments on important issues, including those discussed below, visit:  Check back often for new updates!

Recent Changes to UA Employee Education Benefit

On December 6, 2012, President Gamble signed a revised version of UA Board of Regents' Regulation R04.06.010, which outlines the Employee Education Benefit, more commonly known as the employee tuition waiver.  This revised regulation became effective immediately upon being signed by President Gamble. 

There have been some questions regarding the implementation of these revisions to the UA Education Benefit.  Additional information, recently made available, regarding the implementation of this policy is outlined below:

  • Applications for education benefits for employees with a hire date prior to January 1, 2013 will be processed as follows:
    • Those employees will not need to serve a waiting period to use educational benefits
    • Those employees may apply for term maximum 8 credit hours tuition waived in the Spring 2012 semester and thereafter, but limited by the academic year maximum.
    • Those employees would not need to meet the GPA requirements for the Spring 2013 Semester, but will need to meet the GPA requirement in subsequent terms.
  • Employees with a hire date on or after January 1, 2013 will have education benefit applications processed according to all provisions of the new regulation.

For additional information on the newly approved revisions to this regulation and what these changes mean for you, visit:

Welcome New Staff Council Members

Staff Council wishes to welcome all new and returning Staff Council members elected during the Fall 2012 Election for Odd Numbered Staff Council Units.  These individuals will serve two year terms which began on January 1, 2013 and run through December 31, 2014.  They join returning Staff Council members from even numbered units in working to improve the university environment for staff across campus.  

The following individuals were elected to office:

Unit 1:  CRCD -Rural Campuses                                 
Adam Kane, Representative
Kirsten Bey, Representative
Evelyn Pensgard, Alternate*
Celena Brown, Alternate

Unit 3:  SNRAS, CE&M, INE, & SOM
Debbie Gonzalez, Representative*
Lesli Walls, Representative
(Two alternate seats unfilled)

Unit 5:  G.I.
Debbie Coxon, Representative*
Jesse Atencio, Representative
Erin Albertson, Representative
(Three alternate seats unfilled)
Unit 7:  Student Services
Ashley Munro, Representative*
Ryan Gailor Keele, Representative
(One representative and three alternate seats unfilled)
Unit 9:  Chancellor’s Unit
Debbie Blevins, Representative
Juan Goula, Representative
(Two representative and four alternate seats unfilled)
Unit 11:  Facilities Services
Trish Winners, Representative
(One representative and two alternate seats unfilled)
Unit 13:  Rasmuson Library
Brad Krick, Representative*
Jeannette Altman, Representative*
(Two alternate seats unfilled)
Unit 15:  OIT
Richard Machida, Representative*
Jarkko Toivanen, Representative
Christian Beks, Representative
Tom Landgon, Alternate
Cynthia Collins, Alternate
Toni Abbey, Alternate
*Reelected to office

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