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Staff Council Departments by Unit List - Updated
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Recent Changes to Staff Council Units

Unit # Change Effective Date Motion
Unit 7 Name changed to 'University and Student Advancement' (USA) Fall Election 2016 2016-271-3
Units 7 & 9 All deps. that report to Vice Chancellor for University and Student Advancement Moved to Unit 7 Fall Election 2016 2016-271-3
Units 3 & 10 Computer Science moved from Unit 10 to Unit 3 5/2/2016 2016-271-2

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Staff Council Constitution

Revised 6/19/2012


Staff Council Bylaws

Effective 9/12/2016
Revised 9/21/2016


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Staff Council Meeting #275


Date:     Monday, Oct. 10, 2016

Time:  8:45-11:15 AM 

Location:  Wood Center Ballroom

Public Comment - 9:00 AM 

Contact the UAF Staff Council Office at 474-7056,  or, for more information

Current Staff Council Vacancies
Updated 7/20/16

The following Staff Council Units have seats that are currently unfilled.  Vacant Unit Representative seats may be filled through mid-term appointments.  The number of seats currently vacant is listed following the Unit's name.   A current list of members and vacant seats is available here.  Email for more information.

Unit 2 - CRCD, CTC (2)

Unit 3 - CEM, SOM, SNRE (1)

Unit 4 - IAB (2) - currently no representatives

Unit 5 - GI (1)

Unit 8 - CLA (1) - currently no representatives

Unit 12 - Admin Services (1)

Unit 15 - OIT (2)

Information for Representatives
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Staff Achievements and Highlights

Submit staff achievements and highlights for inclusion
at the next Staff Council meeting by completing a short form located here!


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UAF Staff Council Office
Nicole Dufour, Staff Council Executive Secretary

(907) 474-7056,
PO Box 757500

Fairbanks, AK 99775-7500  


Faye Gallant, President
(907) 474-7515,
Nate Bauer, Vice President
(907) 474-7413,
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