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2014 Staff Council Calendars

From Early Spring 2014 - Removed from Homepage 3/10/2014

The 2014 Staff Council Calendar is currently being printed.  We anticipate receiving the calandars around the week of Jan. 24. Once we receive the calendars, it will take an additional three to four days for us to distribute them to each department.  You do not need to request calendars; they will be automatically distrubuted to Staff Council Representatives and departments based on the number of UAF staff members represented by Staff Council.    

Fewer calendars are being printed this year, due to the large number of calendars remaining after distribution last year.    We only print calendars for UAF staff represented by Staff Council. Calendars will be given to these individuals first.  If copies remain following this, they will be distrubuted to UAF faculty, staff, and students based on availability and in the order in which requests are received.   Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will receive a calendar.  Only one calendar may be requested per form.  

A digital copy of the calendar will be available on the Staff Council homepage in mid-January.

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Spring 2013

UAF Human Resources--Staff Resources Page

The following information is provided to you by UAF Human Resources.  Although this information can be found in other locations on the UAF web site, the UA Statewide web site and other government sites, it is provided to you here to make it easier on you to find things.  This is a consolidation of the "key subjects for employees" as identified by the UAF Staff Council.

Thank You for Supporting the Tuition Waiver

Dec 2013

Dear UAF Staff,


Thank you for your support for the Employee Education Benefit (Tuition Waiver). We have received many petitions from various departments and units. These petitions are being forwarded to the Board of Regents. We would also like to thank those who attended the Board of Regents meeting yesterday morning for public testimony. So many staff were present, that we couldn’t even fit in the room! The Regents looked surprised when nearly everyone in the room raised their hand to say they were there in support of the waiver. We heard personal stories from many people, and public testimony nearly ended before all had a chance to speak.


The Board of Regents will not be making a decision on the Employee Education Benefit this month. It may be a conversation that gets re-visited at a later time. With the current and future budget challenges, we should be prepared for this, and other cost savings measures to be proposed. As the UAF Staff Council, we will be watching for the topic to come up on future agendas and will prepare action at that time.


Thank you again for sharing your voice.  

UAF Staff Council President and Vice President

Brad Krick and Ashley Munro


Staff Council Committee Membership List

Sept. 2013

Explanation of 'Utilizing Staff Benefit Rate Reductions' as a FY14 Budget Management Action

The following explanation refers to the phrase 'Utilizing Staff Benefit Rate Reductions’ that was listed as a ‘budget management action’ in Chancellor Rogers’ ‘FY14 Budget Status’ email from April 29, 2013:

  • 'Staff benefit rate reductions' apply to units and departments.  They do not apply to individual staff and will not directly affect benefits received by staff.  This will not result in any expenses being transferred to staff, nor will it result in a reduction in any staff benefits, such as health care.  
  • Staff benefit rate reductions apply to the benefit rates paid by a unit or department, which are charged as a percentage of an employee’s salary.  The benefit rate for FY14 will be lower than the benefit rate applied in FY13.  This will result in unit savings, which will likely be needed to cover pay increases.  FY14 rates are set and published at

Staff Council would like to thank Bob Shefchik, Executive Officer with the Chancellor's Office and Pat Pitney, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, for their assistance with this explanation.

(Posted May 2013) 

2013 UAF Staff Council Calendar - Digital Version

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