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Q. Who can be a member of Staff Council?

A. The UAF Staff Council of the University of Alaska Fairbanks shall be composed of representative members of the classified and non-classified constituents who shall be elected for two year staggered terms by permanent full-time and permanent part-time non-faculty, non-student employees. University employees who hold executive appointments shall be excluded from representation by the UAF Staff Council.

 Q. What can Staff Council do for me?

A.  The members of Staff Council are the voice for non-represented staff across the UAF community. Staff Council acts as a change agent and brings concerns and issues up for consideration. Staff Council is an opportunity to get to know fellow employees across the campus through Staff Council committees that you might not work with otherwise.

Q. What is Staff Council?
A. The UAF Staff Council is a representative organization for all APT and Classified employees of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in accordance with Article I of the UAF Staff Council Constitution. The UAF Staff Council's structure provides a means of dealing with issues concerning the welfare of employees and facilitates our role in the self-governance process.

Q. How much time commitment is expected?

A.  Staff Council meets once a month for approximately 1.5 hours. Members are required to serve on one Staff Council permanent committee. Staff Council strongly encourages that the member serves as a communication link between the Council and those they represent in their unit.

Q. If I join Staff Council, do I have to use vacation or annual leave to account for time at meetings?
A.  Being a Staff Council member is voluntary; you do not have to use vacation or annual leave to attend Staff Council meetings. Your supervisor should approve of the paid time in order for you to attend.

Q. What is the term limit for a Council member?

A.  Elected representatives and alternates shall serve two-year terms beginning January 1 and ending December 31. There are no term limits for representative or alternates. Representatives and alternates up for re-election must submit a nomination form and go through the election process.

Q. How often does Staff Council meet?
A.  Once a month, excluding summer months.  

Q. Do all Council members serve on a committee?
A.  Yes, all Council Representatives are required to serve on one permanent committee.

Q. What does the Constitution and Bylaws entail?
A.  You can access the Bylaws here, and the Constitution here.

Q. Where can I go if I have questions or concerns about rumors, clarify misconceptions and clear up any misunderstandings about UAF?

A. You can go to the UAF Grapevine website it was created to improve communication between the administration and UAF students, staff and faculty.

Q.Can anyone listen or attend Staff Council Meetings?
A.  These meetings are open to the public. All university employees are encouraged to attend and share their input.

Q. When is the Staff Council calendar distributed? What do the old calendars look like?
A.  The Staff Council calendar is distributed in early spring.  Staff Council archives older calendars, they can be viewed here.


Q. Why was there no 2017 Staff Council Calendar?
A. Due to budget reductions, there was no funding for a 2017 calendar.
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