Governance Coordinating Committee


The UAF Governance Coordinating Committee, representing faculty, staff, and students, provides a forum for the three individual UAF governance bodies to address common concerns that affect faculty, staff, and students and exists for the expressed purpose of coordinating unified action from the individual governance bodies (UAF Faculty Senate, Staff Council and ASUAF).

Leadership for the UAF Governance Coordinating Committee is provided by the president and president-elect of each constituency and its committee chairs. The UAF Governance Coordinating Committee meets twice a semester during the academic year. Permanent and special ad hoc committees, with members from the other governance bodies and the general University population, address current issues.



2015 - 2016 MEMBERSHIP

Mathew CarrickDebu MisraFaye Gallant - Chair
ASUAF PresidentFaculty Senate PresidentStaff Council President
Colby FreelOrion LawlorNate Bauer
ASUAF Vice President

Faculty Senate President Elect

Staff Council Vice President

For information, contact the Governance Coordinating Committee Executive Secretary, Nicole Dufour, at (907) 474-7056,

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