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2016-17 Faculty Senate
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The university, as a community of scholars sometimes referred to as the academy, vests responsibility for effectively carrying out its educational mission to the faculty. Faculty have traditionally played a key role in shared governance and academic collegiality of institutions of higher education.

The primary mechanism for the formulation and oversight of academic policy is the Faculty Senate. Concerns addressed by the Faculty Senate include the following: course and program development and change; policies related to academic procedures; academic freedom and faculty rights and responsibilities; and quality of teaching, research and service.


Reports and Items of Interest to Faculty and Faculty Senate

Special Faculty Senate Meeting #223
April 24, 2017
1:00 - 3:00 PM at BOR Conference Room (109 Butrovich Building)
Livestream link:

Recording of the April 13, 2017 BOR Special Meeting [.mp3, 107MB]

Recording of Dec. 14, 2016 BOR Special Meeting (.mp3; 58MB)
Meeting started at 9 AM, progressing for approx. 15 minutes before the BOR went into executive session. This audio recording begins after the BOR came out of that initial executive session. It ends just before the BOR went back into another executive session to discuss matters related to Title IX and a Facility Clearance Resolution. See the BOR Agenda for Dec. 14.

Strategic Pathways Information (link to statewide website)

REVISED Flyer on Changes to Public Testimony at Board of Regents Meetings
(Includes a 2016-2017 Schedule; version as of 08/29/2016)

Future Academic Calendars
Link above takes you to the statewide VPAAR web site; see "Approved Common Calendar Dates for AY17 - AY20" under the heading of News and Updates.

Links to information about Strategic Pathways (statewide sites)

Link to The Statewide Voice (or TSV, for short)
TSV is produced by the UA Office of Public Affairs.

ARCHIVE PAGE: Links to reports and items of interest from prior years.

For more information:
Jayne Harvie, Coordinator, Faculty Senate Office
312B Signers' Hall, Box 757500
Orion Lawlor, Faculty Senate President
Chris Fallen, Faculty Senate President-Elect







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