CourseLeaf software has replaced most paper submission forms for course and program changes.  

The deadline for CourseLeaf proposals is November 3, 2017 for AY 2018-2019.
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Only the following paper format forms will be accepted in Fall 2017:

Course & Degree Procedures Manual

2016-17 Course / Program Approvals

  • Note: Curriculum approved in this 2016-17 review cycle takes effect in Fall 2017. (All required approvals must be completed by the March 1 Catalog deadline.)
  • Status of curriculum in senate review committees may be checked on the respective committee's web page (see list of committees under the Committees link in left navigation column).

10-Day Review Notices - current and past years

Faculty Senate Curriculum Committees

  • After the 10-day review, senate curriculum committees receive copies of the course / program submissions.
    • Undergraduate curriculum is reviewed at Curriculum Review Committee.
    • Core related requests are reviewed by the Core Review Committee.
    • Graduate requests are reviewed by the Graduate Academic and Advisory Committee.
    • Developmental requests are reviewed by the Student Academic Development and Achievement Committee.
  • Each course or program submission is listed on a web page for each of the committees by academic year. Current status in the committee is noted on these pages.
  • After the committee's approval, the request goes to the Provost for final approval (see Course / Program Approvals link on this page above).

Emily Perryman, Coordinator, Governance Office
314 Signers' Hall, Box 7500

Chris Fallen, Faculty Senate President

Donie Bret-Harte, President-Elect

Orion Lawlor, Faculty Senate Past President

Curriculum Indexes and Approval Records

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