Academic Course and Degree Procedures Manual

Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 Review Cycle

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PDF version of the Academic Course and Degree Procedures Manual [1.6MB]
For individual PDF chapters, scroll to bottom of this page.

  1. Schedule (PDF) of 2016-2017 Faculty Senate Meetings - to be added
  2. 2016-17 UAF Faculty Senate Committees (with Chairs) - PDF to be added
  3. Schedule of Formats and Deadlines: FORMAT FORMS ARE LINKED HERE. Identifies the type of changes, the appropriate format for each, and the deadline for submission of requests to the Faculty Senate to be effective in future academic years. New program requests may take as long as two years to reach final approval.
  4. Academic Changes: Describes the full route from submission to approval.
    Chart: Route to Approval for Academic Course / Program Paperwork (PDF)
  5. Indexes for Faculty Senate Policies/Regulations
    Indexes for Curriculum Actions (past years)
  6. Guidelines for Core Designators
    and Policies regarding Course Classification (Social Sciences, Humanities)
  7. Syllabus Requirements for all UAF Courses (Edited July 2015)
    and syllabus examples
  8. Stacking 400 / 600 level courses (PDF)
  9. Guidelines for Computing Credit/Contact Hours
  • Download a PDF Handout: Table summarizing the "C" grades and their implications
    [Table summary updated following Meeting #191, May 2013 due to changed "C" grading policy.]
  • For a PDF version of the DRAFT Curriculum and Degree Procedures Manual, see section below titled "Manual in PDF Format"


See #3 Link Above

Contact Jayne Harvie at the Faculty Senate Office with questions:
312B Signers' Hall, Box 757500

Course and Degree Procedures Manual

Full version of the Academic Course and Degree Procedures Manual [PDF, 1.6MB]

The Course and Degree Procedures Manual in PDF is a work in progress. The link to the full PDF version is provided above, along with links to individual chapters (below).

PDF of 2016-17 Curriculum Review Deadlines - to be added [See page 1 of full version of manual posted above.]

Information on Co-Sponsored Courses

UAF may grant credit for courses co-sponsored by certain organizations. This policy is intended to insure that such courses meet UAF academic standards, that accurate student records are maintained, and that UAF’s administrative expenses are covered.

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