Academic Course and Degree Procedures Manual

CourseLeaf software has replaced most paper submission forms for course and program changes.  

*If you need CourseLeaf training please contact the Registrar's Office or the Governance Office

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Only the following paper format forms will be accepted in Fall 2017:


Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Review Cycle

The PDF version of the Manual with regard to paperwork processes is now out of date due to the pending implementation of CourseLeaf. However, the curriculum policies in place (e.g., grading, syllabus requirements, cross-listing and stacking, course compression, etc.) are still applicable to courses and programs.

  1. Schedule of 2017-2018 Faculty Senate Meetings (PDF)
  2. 2017-18 UAF Faculty Senate Committees - (PDF)
  3. See top of page for paper forms that are still in use.  All other forms are being replaced with CourseLeaf software.
  4. Useful information for using CourseLeaf
  5. Academic Changes: Describes the full route from submission to approval.
    Chart: Route to Approval for Academic Course / Program Paperwork (PDF)
  6. Indexes for Faculty Senate Policies/Regulations
    Indexes for Curriculum Actions (past years)
  7. General Education Requirements Implementation Guidelines 
    1. Faculty Senate Resolution which replaces the Perspectives on the Human Condition (PHC) with a classification list system. (Passed on May 4, 2015, Meeting #207)
    2. GER Course Approval Guide (PDF)
    3. Flier with current list of GERs courses (PDF)
  8. With implementation of Communication Plans, the following information on "O" and "W" designators is no longer relevant for development of new courses.  However, the information for the BA degree requirements concerning (s) and (h) courses is still relevant.
         Guidelines for Core Designators
         and Policies regarding Course Classification (Social Sciences, Humanities)
  9. Syllabus Requirements for all UAF Courses (Updated August 2016)
    Downloadable PDF and syllabus examples linked on the above page.
    • Optional Syllabus Statement regarding Title IX Disclosure may be found at:
      (The link above goes to the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity web site; scroll down to "Language for syllabi" section.)
  10. Stacking 400 / 600 level courses (PDF)
  11. Guidelines for Computing Credit/Contact Hours
  • Download a PDF Handout: Table summarizing the "C" grades and their implications
    [Table summary updated following Meeting #191, May 2013 due to changed "C" grading policy.]
  • For a PDF version of the DRAFT Curriculum and Degree Procedures Manual, see section below titled "Manual in PDF Format"

Course and Degree Procedures Manual
(Outdated as of 05/31/2017 due to pending implementation of CourseLeaf Software in Fall 2017)

Full version of the Academic Course and Degree Procedures Manual [PDF, 1.6MB]

The Course and Degree Procedures Manual in PDF is out of date as of May 1, 2017, due to the pending implementation of CourseLeaf Software, which will replace much of the hard-copy paper process with Format forms.

Please note:  See items #6 and #7 above on this web page for the more current information on the GERs course classification lists (replacing Perspectives on the Human Condition), and Communication Plans (affecting "O" and "W" course designation).

2016-17 Curriculum Review Deadlines (PDF)

Information on Co-Sponsored Courses

UAF may grant credit for courses co-sponsored by certain organizations. This policy is intended to insure that such courses meet UAF academic standards, that accurate student records are maintained, and that UAF’s administrative expenses are covered.

For more information, go to:

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