Curriculum Review Committee Members

Helpful info for Conveners

Membershp on the Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) is comprised of the Chairs of Curriculum Councils for each of the academic schools and colleges. 

  • Rainer Newberry, Faculty Senate member - Chair
  • SNRE Curric. Council Chair: Julie Joly
  • CRCD Curric. Council Chair: Shawn Russell
  • UAF-CTC: Galen Johnson
  • SOE Curric. Council Chair: Gary Jacobsen
  • CNSM Curriculum Chair: Jessica Larsen
  • SOM Undergraduate Curric. Council Chair: Thomas Zhou
  • CLA Curriculum Council Chair:  Trina Mamoon
  • CEM Curric. Council Chair: Santanu Khataniar
  • SFOS Academic Council Chair: Trent Sutton
    • Designee: Andres Lopez
  • Ex officio Members: 
    Dean's Council member: To be named by the Provost.
    OAR: Holly Sherouse, Amanda Loibl
    Academic Advising Center: Andrea Schmidt, Frank Boldt

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule to be determined.

Links to Current and Past Curriculum for Review

2015-16 Review cycle:

Below are the web addresses to the internal curriculum pages that were used for past review cycles.  (Older static web pages have been moved to the Roxen system as of 9/10/2010.)

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