Faculty Development, Assessment and Improvement Committee

2015-16 Members

Useful Information for Committee Conveners and Chairs

Franz Meyer, CNSM (17) - Chair

Faculty Senate Members:
Gerri Brightwell, CLA (17, Alternate)
Bernard Coakley, CNSM (17, Alternate)
Candi Dierenfield, CES (17)
Diana DiStefano, CLA (16)
Brian Himelbloom, SFOS (16, Alternate)
Steven Hunt, LIB (17 - Alternate)

Non-Senate At-Large Members (to be confirmed and updated in Fall 2015):
Cindy Fabbri, SOE
Andrea Ferrante, CNSM - Co-Chair
Kelly Houlton, CRCD
Duff Johnston, CLA
Trina Mamoon, CLA
Joy Morrison, Faculty Development
Patrick Plattet, CLA
C.P. Price, CNSM
Amy Vinlove, SOE

Ex officio Member:
Provost's Council Rep: Mike Castellini


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Prior Year Archives

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