Core Review Committee

2014-15 Members

Help info for Conveners

Jennifer Schell, English (15)
Brian Kassof, Social Sciences (16)
Yelena Matusevich, Humanities (16)
Kevin Sager, Communication (CLA 16)


Leah Berman, Math (16) - Chair
Larry Duffy, Science (16)

Tyson Rinio (LIB 15)

Andrew Seitz, SFOS

Unit Core Assessment:
Tony Rickard, CNSM
Kevin Berry, SOM

Ex Officio:
Dean's Council Rep - Allan Morotti
OAR: Caty Oehring, Holly Sherouse
Academic Advising Ctr.: Ginny Kinne
Rural Student Services: Gabrielle Russell


2014-15 Core Curriculum Review Submissions

Core Curriculum Review Submissions

Link to Guidelines for Core Designators page


2014-15 Meeting Schedule

2014-2015 Year End Report for the Core Review Committee (PDF)



Prior Years

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2010-11 Core Review Committee

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