Core Review Committee

2014-15 Members

Help info for Conveners

Jennifer Schell, English (15) - Convener
Brian Kassof, Social Sciences (16)
Yelena Matusevich, Humanities (16)
Kevin Sager, Communication (CLA 16)


Leah Berman, Math (16)
Larry Duffy, Science (16)

Tyson Rinio (LIB 15)

Andrew Seitz, SFOS

Unit Core Assessment:
Tony, Rickard, CNSM
Kevin Berry, SOM

Ex Officio:
Dean's Council Rep - Allan Morotti
OAR: Caty Oehring, Holly Sherouse
Academic Advising Ctr.: Ginny Kinne
Rural Student Services: Carol Murphrey

2014-15 Core Curriculum Review Submissions

Core Curriculum Review Submissions page - to be posted

Link to   Guidelines for Core Designators   page

2014-15 Meeting Schedule

  • Tuesday, September 9
    • 4:00 - 5:00 PM
    • Location: Chancellor's Conference Room, 3rd Floor Signers' Hall
    • 1-800-893-8850; PIN: 5336747

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