Curricular Affairs Committee

2014-15 Members

Helpful info for Conveners

Rainer Newberry, CNSM (15) - Convener

Ken Abramowicz, SOM (16)
Brian Cook, CLA (16)
Rob Duke, CLA (15)
Cathy Hanks, CNSM (16)
Cindy Hardy, SADAC Rep
Joan Hornig, SOE (16)
Dennis Moser, LIB (16)
Todd Radenbaugh, CRCD (15)

Ex officio Members:
Dean's Council Rep - Doug Goering
Alex Fitts, Vice Provost
eLearning: Carol Gering
OAR: Libby Eddy, Holly Sherouse
AAC: Linda Hapsmith, Stacey Howdeshell

2014-15 Meeting Schedule

Fall Semester:

Current and upcoming Meetings: 

  • December 10, 2014

Past Meetings:

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