2014-2015 Curricular Affairs Committee

 2014-15 Meeting Schedule

2014-2015 End of Year Report (PDF)

Spring 2015 Semester:

Fall 2014 Semester:

Ken Abramowicz, SOM (16)
Brian Cook, CLA (16) - Chair (Spring 2015)
Rob Duke, CLA (15)
Cathy Hanks, CNSM (16)
Cindy Hardy, SADAC Rep
Joan Hornig, SOE (16)
Dennis Moser, LIB (16)
Rainer Newberry, CNSM (15) - Chair (Fall 2014)
Todd Radenbaugh, CRCD (15)

Ex Officio Members:

Dean's Council Rep - Doug Goering
Alex Fitts, Vice Provost
eLearning: Carol Gering
OAR: Libby Eddy, Holly Sherouse
AAC: Linda Hapsmith, Stacey Howdeshell
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