Get Involved with Theatre and Film at UAF!

How? There are several ways...

1. Take a class.

We have a variety of classes available for students who want to explore theatre and film. Here are some of them:

Theatre Classes:

THR 121 - Fundamentals of Acting

THR 215 - Dramatic Literature

THR 241 - Basic Stagecraft

THR 245 - Stage Management

THR 254 - Beginning Costume Construction and Crafts

THR 351 - Makeup for Theatre

THR 101/201/301/401 - Practicum

Film Classes:

FLM 172 - Previsualization and Preproduction for Digital Cinema

FLM 217 - Introduction to the Study of Film

FLM 271 - Let's Make a Movie

FLM 290 - Digital Video Editing

2. Meet with a Theatre or Film advisor.

Everything you need to know (including contact information) can be found on our Advising page.

3. Join a student club.

  • Student Drama Association is for anyone (students, alumni, community members) who want to create theatre projects. SDA sponsors a variety of performances each year, including Famous for Fifteen (staged readings of new short plays).
  • The UAF Film Club is for anyone (students, alumni, community members) who want to create film projects. Film Club helps support local filmmakers in creating their projects, and has recently been featuring local films in a yearly film festival.

4. Audition for a film or theatre production.

Auditions for all of our productions (both film and theatre) are listed on the Auditions page of our website. 

5. Volunteer to work on one of our productions.

Fill out the form and someone will contact you.

6. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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