Fall 2015 courses (Film and Theatre)

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Non-Traditional Theatre Courses available Fall, 2015

  • THR F101 FE1 - Theatre Practicum - 75752
  • THR F190 F01 - Audition/Portfolio Review Participation - 75754
  • THR 200x UX1 - Interrelation Art/Drama/Music - 76066
  • THR F201 FE1 - Theatre Practicum - 75764
  • THR F298 F01 - Undergraduate Research - 75769
  • THR F301 FE1 - Theatre Practicum - 75770
  • THR F401 F01 - Theatre Practicum - 75774
  • THR F498 F01 - Undergraduate Research - 75776
  • THR F499 F01 - Thesis Project - 75777

Design and make your own pirate costume this summer while earning humanities credits and learning about professional theater costuming. 

We are currently working on adding all of our courses to the list below.  Click on a course title to view a description of that class.

Courses in bold are available for the current semester's registration (Fall 2015).

Many of the courses also offer a link to an example syllabus as well.

FLM F172 - Previsualization and Preproduction for Digital Cinema

FLM F271 - Let's Make a Movie!

FLM F431 - Advanced Film Production

THR F101/201/301/401 - Theatre Practicum

THR F121 - Fundamentals of Acting

THR F215 - Dramatic Literature

THR F221 - Acting II

THR F245 - Stage Management

THR F310 - Acting for the Camera

THR F320 - Voice and Speech for the Actor

THR F321 - Acting III

THR F332 - Stage Directing I

THR F430 - The Collaborative Process

THR F413W - Analyzing Global Performance

THR F423 - Acting IV

More in-depth course information will be added as time allows.
Thank you for your patience.

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