Documentary Film Edit Lab

Spring Break Course 2015

This is a hands-on practicum course in which students will be able to participate in a documentary film edit lab. The film, currently under the working title "We Breathe Again" is an ambitious documentary, years in the making, which follows five Alaska Native people as they navigate the hardships of suicide in their communities. Edit Lab will allow students to develop an understanding of the film editing process, choices, decisions, and methods that shape a film from rough cut to fine cut. The edit lab will include the documentary film producers, director, editor, and supervising editor to work hands-on with the students in the deliberation process. The final film is contracted to air nationally on Public Television through Vision Makers Media.  

" of the central responsibilities of the editor, ... is to establish an interesting, coherent rhythm of emotion and thought — on the tiniest and largest scales — that allows the audience to trust, to give themselves to the film." --- Walter Murch

FLM 298 – Undergraduate Research – Film Edit Lab – CRN 40762 – 3 credits
FLM 498 – Undergraduate Research – Film Edit Lab – CRN 40758 – 3 credits

When: March 13-March 17, 2015

Friday March 13 6PM – 9PM – Introduction and Welcome Dinner
Saturday March 14 -  MARCH 17  - 9AM – 9PM – Edit Lab*
           *includes Lunch and Dinner

WHERE: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Department of Theatre and Film, Fine Arts Complex, Theatre Room 101

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