Spring 2018: Audition Workshop & Portfolio Review: Saturday, Jan. 27.

1:00pm-5:00pm.  Everyone will be there the entire time.

                In response to a discussion at the Fall’s Portfolio Review, Professor Mendelowitz is going to hold a “Web-Site” workshop where he will lead students through the development of their own Word-Press website.

                 No experience required, and no real coding necessary.

We will be meeting in Music 305, Saturday, January 27, 1:00-5:00pm. 

Mac computers will be available – but feel welcome to bring your laptops if you prefer.  Tablets & phones aren’t great for this event.

Students need to be prepared with:

  • Resume (in editable digital form; Word, Google Doc)
  • Photos (Headshot for actors, production photos – ideally from a few different projects)
  • An email already set up for you to use. It is recommended to not be your UAF account (though you can use that for this experience, but you’ll need to rebuild the site in the future), and not an embarrassing, child-like address.  You will need easy access to that email during the workshop (know your password!)
  • Have an idea of what you want to call your site/yourself
  • If you have videos, reviews, etc. Feel welcome to bring those (or their URL’s if on YouTube) 

Word-Press is a “Content Management System” which was primarily developed as a blogging platform.  It is extremely robust and flexible, and is available for free in a few formats.  Many web hosting platforms offer support for hosting your own copy of it, you can use WordPress’s site for free (with some drawbacks/limitations) or can pay for your own domain name through their service.  We’ll be using their site for free, and you can upgrade it later if you choose.  Moving the site is tough (though technically possible) but you’ll be able to copy it relatively easy later if you choose.

All Theatre Concentration Film and Performing Arts majors are required to attend to meet the FLPA 191 or 291 requirement.

Questions?  Please contact Professor Mendelowitz ahead of time at kmendelowitz@alaska.edu

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