Auditions for the 2018 Spring Productions will be <early>: Saturday, November 18, 2017!

Theatre UAF auditions are always open to the public.  You do not need to be a FLPA major, or even a student at UAF!

Productions include "This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing" - a Theatre for Young Audience piece by Finegan Kruckemeyer and William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Auditions will be held in two phases:
10-Noon Morning "Monologue" (sign up on the callboard in advance for a 3-minute slot beginning at 10am).  If you don't have a monologue memorized, you can have script in hand - "sides" (paragraphs) will be available for you to read from as well.

Please complete an Audition Information Form before you arrive to your appointment. (102k pdf).

Callbacks and/or cold readings:
"This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing" callbacks will be from 12:30-3:15pm; please be available for the entire time.
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" from 3:30-6:15pm; please be available for the entire time.

Below is information for each specific production.


"This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing" by Finegan Kruckemeyer

This is a journey piece. Dealing with loneliness and sorrow, three very different children go on their own journeys to “find their identity.” This adventure is filled with a sense of ambiguity and self discovery that is true to the world we live in today. It explores family connection and delves deep into what it means to be a part of a community. By asking the question: Which way do I go?
It is a contemporary fairy tale about three sisters, abandoned in the forest and forced to find their own way in the world. One goes left, one goes right, and one stays right where she started.

5 actors total.
a. ALBIENNE: Sister who loves cake- becomes a warrior, fights to save, is quite successful, but returns to the cake in the end, in order to save a town.
b. BEATRIX: Sister who loves the sun and moon and all things nature. A true runner at her core, can’t be still, ends up adventuring under the sea with an unexpected partner. Her return to shore ushers in new life and salvation to an entire town through sunshine and music. She exudes an energy from the sun that brings forth life and laughter.
c. CARMEN: Sister who carries the weight of the world- she tries to entertain, to serve many guests in her little house, but too many people overwhelms her. She is always busy thinking about other people- She forgets to take care of herself, and she feels lonely, even when she is surrounded by people. Eventually she starts a small family of her own, realizing that too many is too much, but just enough is just right. She is introverted yet sassy. Quiet yet strong.
d. NARRATOR: storyteller type- narrator of the tale. The weaver of the magic.
e. FATHER: typical father figure, heart-broken after his wife leaves, he never really recovers. He marries a woman who weasels her way into their home, and then treats them all terribly, which hollows him out even more. He ends up an empty man. He abandons his children in the woods.
f. ELEANOR: step mother figure. A manipulative step mother. Tricking father into marriage, and treating the girls terribly after. To the point of abandonment.
g.  LADY: sitting inside the LIGHTHOUSE, on BEATRIX’ journey, Old and mysterious - funny. Witty, elderly, facetious, and comical.
h.  MAN: waggish, spreads news about vikings
i.  GIRL: innocent, youthful, yearning
j.  1 generic towns person
k.  2 generic towns person
l.  PETER: Carmen’s love interest, amusing, clever, and bright. He enter’s into Carmen’s world when she is the loneliest and brings joy, humor, and love.
m.  WOMAN: generic
n.  OLD MAN: (Papa, 16 years later)
 means all these characters will be doubled by the 5 actors in the play.

Available download: "This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing" sides - 100k pdf small (parts from the script you will be reading from).


"A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare

A note from the director:
So, you’re interesting in auditioning for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. That’s great!
First off, if you’ve never performed in a Shakespeare show before don’t let that cause you too much distress. As a director I’ve worked with many first-time Shakespeare performers. We’ll work together to understand and explore the poetic language and by the time the show comes around you will have a firm understanding of what you’re saying and why. And more than that you will be able to turn that knowledge into a compelling performance!
If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Midsummer here’s basically what it is: while Athens prepares for a royal wedding a pair of lovers try to elope and run afoul of some fairy mischief. It all works out in the end.
The story is told through 4 plotlines: the royal couple preparing for the wedding, two pairs of lovers who have an adventure in the woods, the King and Queen of the fairies who are fighting over custody of a child, and some amateur actors that are preparing a play to perform at the wedding. All of the story lines cross in the magical woods before everything is sorted out as true love wins the day.
Shakespeare’s use of language is amazing. This essay by Ian McKellen is a BRILLIANT introduction to performing a Shakespeare text.
I am approaching the Theatre UAF production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as an urban fantasy. A world that is similar to ours but just a bit more magical. The costume/prop design will be influenced by the dieselpunk aesthetic.
Thanks for your interest in auditioning! If you have ANY questions send me an email at
See you in November!

ALL roles can be cast with actors of ANY ethnicity or gender identity. The sex of the character (and associated pronouns) may or may not be changed accordingly.
Those decisions will be made after casting. Ages are a bit less flexible but still room for a wide margin. Looking for the best PERFORMER for each role.
Changeling (5-7): A mortal child being raised by Titania. Child of a person who was a faithful follower. Oberon wants the Changeling to be a Knight of the Fairy King. (Usually a non-speaking role)
Demetrius (19-22): Athenian tactician. Over confident and self assured. Has decided that Hermia will make a good spouse. Former lover of Helena. Spoiled, arrogant, rude.
Egeus (40-50): Parent of Hermia. Wants to keep child home and safe, which means not marrying another pilot. Sexist, protective, cranky.
Fairy Squad - Pease-blossom, Cobweb, Mustard-seed, Moth, 5 Fairy (???): Loyal servants of the Fairy Queen (which is Titania at the moment). Unquestioning in their obedience. Also serve as the Queen’s musicians and singers. Cheerful, hardworking, devoted.
Francis Flute (15-22): A bellows mender. Works hard to keep things together. One of the youngest members of Quince’s troupe. Peacemaker, thoughtful, quick-witted.
Helena (19-22): Athenian pilot. Most decorated pilot in the Athenian air force. Struggles with living in the shadow of the more confident Hermia. Focussed, quick thinking, self-doubting.
Hermia (19-22): Athenian pilot. An ace in the air. Has fallen in love with Lysander despite family resistance. Will fight for what they want. Determined, honest, brave.
Hippolita (35-50): A warrior/leader. One-time general of the Amazonian army. Captured by Theseus after a plane crash following a fierce dogfight. Agreed to arranged marriage with hopes of ending the long war between Athens and the Amazons. Bold, daring, sarcastic.
Lysander (19-22): Athenian pilot. Willing to bend the rules if necessary, but not a real renegade. Follows his heart. In love with Hermia. Decisive, confident, romantic.
Nick Bottom (22-50): Loves to perform and be on stage. Also is a successful weaver. But true passion is acting. Actor, performer, collaborator.
Oberon (???): King of Fairy Land. A proud and powerful leader with a whole host of magicks at the ready. Loves to meddle in the mortal world. “Married” to Titania but that word has a different meaning in the fairy realm. Playful, greedy, deceptive.
Peter Quince (25-50): Writer/director/producer of theatrical entertainment. Member of Athenian working class. The show comes first! Creative, clever, committed.
Philostrate (30+?): Athenian bureaucrat. In charge of cultural events in the city. Has a finely developed taste in art. Stubborn, conceited, loyal.
Puck (???): A physical expression of an entity with many corporeal forms. Serves the Fairy King (which is Oberon at the moment). Has a strong disdain for mortals. Trickster, shapeshifter, cruel.
Robin (???): A physical expression of an entity with many corporeal forms. Serves the Fairy King (which is Oberon at the moment). Has a strong disdain for mortals. Trickster, shapeshifter, cruel.
Robin Starveling (22-30): A tailor by trade. Enjoys spending time with friends and making art. Part of Quince’s troupe. Quiet, shy, introvert.
Snout (22-50): The props-maker and set-builder for Quince’s troupe. Is the best tinker in Athens. Sturdy, trustworthy, cheerful.
Snug (22-75): Makes furniture. Has been a long-time member of Athenian community theatre. Knows limitations. Concerned, anxious, supportive.
Theseus (35-50): A warrior/leader. The long war has taken its toll. A wearied general is hoping to settle down and retire from the field of battle. Calm, reasonable, good sense of humor.
Titania (???): Queen of Fairy Land. A leader devoted to their subjects. Has great power but rarely uses it. Friend to fairy and mortal alike. “Married” to Oberon but that word has a different meaning in the fairy realm. Commanding, generous, honest.

Available Download: "Midsummer Audition Sides" - snippets of the script that will be used at auditions.  There's a page for each character in this single pdf (277k)
also available: UAF's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - edited/cut script, v 1 (pdf, 500k)

Theatre and Film Callboard

UAF Theatre and Film Callboard

The callboard is located in the Theatre wing of the Fine Arts building on UAF's main campus. From the Great Hall, face the Salisbury Theatre. To your left is a hallway (between the Salisbury and the Concert Hall). Go down the stairs. The callboard will be at the bottom of the stairs on your right.


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