Past Proposals

All funded requests for Spring 2014:

Rank Title Author Department Fund Type
Vera Alexander Teaching Room Upgrade Brenda Konar and Trent Sutton School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Fully Funded 
Computer replacement for Department of Geology & Geophysics computer lab Jochen Mezger Geology & Geophysics Fully Funded 
Multimedia support for Foreign Language students Siri Engstrom Foreign Languages and Literatures Not Funded 
Davis Hall HD projection Gary Toth Music Not Funded 
Innovative Journalism Equipment Robert Prince Journalism Not Funded 
Color Laser Printer David Mollett Art Fully Funded 
3D laser scanner and 3D printer for enhancing specimen-based instruction at UAF Patrick Druckenmiller and Kevin May Museum Not Funded 
TV/DVD Cart for English Department Terry Reilly, Professor of English and Noah Boone, Student English Not Funded 
Map Printing Improvements Bill Hauer UAF GeoData Center Not Funded 
Digital Ethnography Instructional Lab (revised) Robin Shoaps Anthropology Partially Funded 
Floppy drive to USB upgrade Leif Eric Johansen Mechanical Engineering Fully Funded 
Lighting console upgrade Kade Mendelowitz Theatre & Film Fully Funded 
Photo Polymer Equipment S.L.A.G. student sculpture club Art Department/ Student Proposal/ ASUAF Not Funded 
High Technology models for Veterinary Medical Instruction Todd O'Hara Dept of Veterinary Medicine Not Funded 
TAB proposal Theresa John Center for Cros Not Funded 
GEOS TAB Instructional Equipment Request Rock Thin Sectioning Equipment Elisabeth Nadin Geology & Geophysics Partially Funded 
Enhanced Video-Enabled Teaching Capacity for the Murie Building Jeff Baxter and Diane Wagner Biology & Wildlife Not Funded 
Form 1 3D Printer Aaron Andrews Art Dept Not Funded 
Proposal for enhancement of mining lab with automated goniometer/tensiometer Tathagata Ghosh Mining and Geological Engineering Not Funded 
Sieve Analysis of Petroleum Reservoir Sands Abhijit Dandekar Petroleum Engineering (PETE) Not Funded 
New dSLRs for Basic Digital classes J. Jason Lazarus Journalism Partially Funded 
Digital recorders for Ethnographic Learning and Documentation Caroline Crecelius Anthropology Fully Funded 
Eyetracking Technology Sarah Stanley English Department/CITE Project Not Funded 
Biology & Wildlife Telemetry & Field Camera Upgrade, Incubator Perry Barboza Biology and Wildlife Fully Funded 
Development of a remote sensing imaging equipment package and camera calibration Martin Harrild Geology and Geophysics Fully Funded 
Camcorders For Library Checkout Chris VanDyck UAF Rasmuson Library - Info Svcs - Media Fully Funded 
Sun Star reporting equipment and tools for success Lakeidra Chavis The Sun Star Partially Funded 
PC Laptops For Library Checkout Chris VanDyck Rasmuson Library - Info Svcs - Media Fully Funded 
Demonstration of Quantum Levitation/Locking effect David Newman Physics Department Fully Funded 
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