Past Proposals

All funded requests for Spring 2010:

Rank Title Author Department Fund Type
1 New Safer Tablesaw L. Eric Johansen Mechanical Engineering Fully Funded 
2 MicroOhm Meter Michael Golub Engineering Science Fully Funded 
3 3D Scanning and Reproducing of Anthropological Specimens and Artifacts Joel D. Irish Anthropology Fully Funded 
4 Digital Cameras For Library Checkout Chris VanDyck UAF Rasmuson Library - Info Svcs - Media Fully Funded 
5 Computer-aided laboratory hardware for Animal Physiology (Biol 310): Michael B Harris Biology and Wildlife Fully Funded 
6 Proposal Title Lego Mindstorm NXT kits for Machine Design Wyatt Hurlbut Mechanical Engineering Fully Funded 
7 Precision Hole Drilling Machine for Microfluidic Devices Cheng-fu Chen Mechanical Engineering Fully Funded 
8 Video monitors for Davis Concert Hall Gary Toth Music Fully Funded 
9 Davis Concert Hall audio recording improvements Gary Toth Music Fully Funded 
10 Plant Sap Flow/Transpiration Logger System Patricia S. Holloway High Latitude Agriculture Fully Funded 
11 SNRAS Lab Memory Upgrades Steve Peterson School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences Fully Funded 
12 Journalism Video Production Accessories (replaces ID 347) Robert Prince Journalism Fully Funded 
13 Echo 360 Video Capture System for Vera Alexander Learning Center John Haverlack School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Information Tech. Fully Funded 
14 SFOS Mobile Netbook Lab John Haverlack School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Information Tech. Fully Funded 
15 Printer, Computer, and Scanner for Master of Fine Arts Students Adam Schiesl Art Fully Funded 
16 Dynamometer & Tool Storage Robert Russell SAE UAF Student Chapter Partially Funded 
17 Circulating Netbooks for Library Jen Stutesman Rasmuson Library Partially Funded 
18 Glovebox Care and Maintenance William A. Howard Chemistry & Biochemistry Partially Funded 
19 Camera Gear for Photojournalism and Photo Students Charles Mason Dept. of Journalism Partially Funded 
20 Remote HD Camera for Extreme Filmmaking Robert Prince Journalism Partially Funded 
21 UAF Support for Public Computing Labs, Academic Software Tools, Smart Classrooms Julie Larweth, Executive Officer OIT for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Fully Funded 
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