Past Proposals

All funded requests for Spring 2008:

Rank Title Author Department Fund Type
1 Disability Services Laptop and Software Upgrade Marcy Phillips and Nick Sanders Disability Services Partially Funded 
2 Demonstration Devices for Science Outreach Christopher E. Granade Society of Physics Students at UAF Fully Funded 
3 Northern Studies Student Lab Mary Ehrlander Northern Studies Program Fully Funded 
4 Outdoor Adventures TAB Proposal Mark Oldmixon Wood Center - Outdoor Adventures Fully Funded 
5 Math and Stat Lab Upgrade Latrice N bowman Mathematics and Statistics Fully Funded 
6 gINT Software Implimentation in Geological Engineering Margaret Darrow Dept. of Mining and Geological Engineering Fully Funded 
7 Portable Projector for Political Science Department Pia Kohler Political Science Fully Funded 
8 PRO Productions Maya Salganek Fully Funded 
9 Ground Penetrating Radar for Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching and Research Jacob Mongrain Department of Geology and Geophysics Fully Funded 
10 Irving II 138A Distance Education Smart Classroom Expansion John Haverlack, Amanda Rosenberger, Trent Sutton Information Technology Services Fully Funded 
11 Advanced CNC Lathe for Engineering Manufacturing Education Jing Zhang, Michael Golub, Eric Johansen Department of Mechanical Engineering Partially Funded 
12 Newswriting and Multimedia Lab Update Joshua Jason Lazarus Department of Journalism Fully Funded 
13 CANON lens for Nature/Wildlife Photography Students Charles Mason Journalism Dept. Fully Funded 
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