Past Proposals

All funded requests for Fall 2013:

Rank Title Author Department Fund Type
Avalanche Rescue Beacons Upagrade Frank Olive Department of Adventure, Recreation, and Wellness Fully Funded 
GoPro Training and Lending Program Lynda McGilvary Geophysical Institute Not Funded 
Mini Multi-media station for student projects and course work Timothy Wilson Foreign Languages and Literatures Not Funded 
An Integrated System for Video Conferencing and In Class Display Skip Via Instructional Technology Not Funded 
Large Format Printer for GI Student Posters Lynda McGilvary Geophysical Institute Fully Funded 
Global Positioning System Hardware for Geophysics Labs Anthony Arendt Geology and Geophysics Fully Funded 
Wide format scanner for the Department of Geology & Geophysics Jochen Mezger Geology & Geophysics Fully Funded 
Professional Parallels to Industry Maya Salganek Film Fully Funded 
ADA compliant upgrade of long distance teaching capabilities in Irving II, 138 Rolf Gradinger School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Not Funded 
Journalism Video Equipment Robert Prince Journalism Not Funded 
Raku Kiln Jim Brashear Art Department Fully Funded 
PLotter for Alaskan Maps Rebecca Sanches GeoData Center (GDC) Not Funded 
New speakers for music classroom Gary Toth Music Not Funded 
Traffic Analysis Software and In-Vehicle GPS Instrumentation Nathan Belz Civil and Environmental Engineering Fully Funded 
Bringing Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Technology to UAF R. Eric Collins Institute of Marine Science & Biology and Wildlife Partially Funded 
Gamma Spectrometry Teaching Lab Instrument Support Douglas Dasher, John Kelley and Larry Duffy School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Fully Funded 
Video Exhibitions as Pedagogical, Research, and High Demand Job Preparation Tool Gary (Igor) Pasternak Art Fully Funded 
Battery Management System for Electric Snowmobile Isaac Thompson Electrical Engineering Graduate Dept. Not Funded 
HD Projection in the Salisbury Theatre Kade Mendelowitz Theatre & Film Fully Funded 
Building unique learning experience: Taking Remote Sensing to next generation Peter Webley Remote Sensing Group, Geophysical Institute Fully Funded 
Menu-Driven Statistical Software for Biology Courses Diane Wagner Biology & Wildlife Fully Funded 
Form 1 3D Printer Aaron Andrews UAF CG Artists Society Not Funded 
Qualitative transcription tools for graduate students interview research Dr Jean A Richey Communication Fully Funded 
Art Department Shared Color Printer Carol Hoefler Art Dpartment Not Funded 
Discourse Analysis and Visual Anthropology Instructional Lab Robin Shoaps Anthropology Not Funded 
PC Laptops For Library Checkout Chris VanDyck Library - Info Svcs - Media Not Funded 
GEOS TAB Instructional Equipment Request Rock Thin Sectioning Equipment Elisabeth Nadin Geology & Geophysics Not Funded 
Digital Darkroom Needed Updates, Photo Printers, Calibration Equipment, Scanner Charles Mason Journalism (and Art) Fully Funded 
Associate Professor Theresa John Center for Cross Cultural Studies Not Funded 
Urban Concept Vehicle for the Shell Eco-Marathon Craig McKenzie Sustainable Engineering Technologies (SET) Not Funded 
Ancient Bone Chemistry Analysis for Dietary Reconstruction and Migration Pattern Sharla Luxton Anthropology Fully Funded 
Digital Film Camera for Library Checkout M. Golub Library - Info Svcs - Media Not Funded 
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