Past Proposals

All funded requests for Fall 2009:

Rank Title Author Department Fund Type
1 Sample Preparation Equipments for Material Courses Jing Zhang Mechanical Engineering Fully Funded 
2 Video Editing, News Reporting and Documentary Studies Lab Update J. Jason Lazarus Journalism Fully Funded 
3 High Resolution Ground Penetrating Radar for Undergraduate Research and Learning Erin Pettit Geology and Geophysics Fully Funded 
4 Replace Library Computers for Student Use (Elmernet computers) Rheba Dupras Rasmuson Library/Information Services Dept Fully Funded 
5 Adaptive and Assistive Technology Tools for All Teachers Skip Via, Joanne Healy Graduate Studies/Special Education Fully Funded 
6 Hands on Seismic Wave Demonstrator and Modeler Bill Witte Geology & Geophysics Fully Funded 
7 CubeSat - A First for UAF Heather Havel Cube Sat Project - EE/ME656 Fully Funded 
8 We Can Only Do "Sew" Much Bethany Marx Theatre Department Fully Funded 
9 New Electric Vibraphone for Percussion Program Morris Palter Department of Music Fully Funded 
10 Measuring hardware - Faro Arm Michael Elbert Mechanical Engineering/ SAE  
11 GIS Lab Desktop Upgrades Steve Peterson SNRAS Fully Funded 
12 Wildlife telemetry equipment upgrade Kris Hundertmark Biology and Wildlife Fully Funded 
13 Funding Proposal for the ARSC Remote Control Devices Project Christopher Howard Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Fully Funded 
14 Wireless Classroom Presentation Equipment Chris VanDyck Library - Info Svcs - Media Fully Funded 
15 Instrumentation for Teaching Microfluidics - a hand-on microfabrication lab Cheng-fu Chen Mechanical Engineering Partially Funded 
16 Camera Equipment For Library Checkout Chris VanDyck Library - Info Svcs - Media Fully Funded 
17 Ethanol Powered Snowmachine Malcolm Deighton Society of Automotive Engineers Fully Funded 
18 UAF Sun Star Video Initiative Thomas Hewitt UAF Sun Star Partially Funded 
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