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Proposal Title KSUA Radio and TV   Contact Name Rebecca File
Proposal Author Rebecca File   Contact Email
Area Department/Specific Use Lab Support   Contact Phone 907-322-2891
Amount Reqested 3718.83   Group/Department KSUA 91.5 and KSUA TV 73
Year Fall 2012   College ASUAF
Proposal Summary
Who is KSUA:

KSUA student radio and television is a lab based media group who affects a broad range of students on campus. KSUA trains a large amount of volunteers on a semester basis to become familiar with broadcasting and video production technology.  Our mission statement is to provide programming that is desired by the students of UAF, programming that is otherwise unavailable to the Fairbanks community, as well as providing training and radio experience to UAF students interested in a career with the broadcast industry.

How we work:

In any given semester KSUA has around 80 volunteers.  These volunteers get to work in a very hands on lab environment and are trained to be on air DJs.  Students are also able to check out equipment to gain experience with production work, for example making their own PSAs or conducting interviews in the field.  On the TV side we have a similar set up, we frequently rent equipment out to students to work on projects for KSUA TV, and to better their own understanding of the camera and technology that goes along with it.  All UAF students have the opportunity to get involved at KSUA, we are a very inclusive student group. 

Why we need your help:

In the last two years KSUA has expanded from radio only to radio and TV. It has grown its student volunteers and audience tremendously. The award winning station has become an integral part of the campus community. We would love to continue the expansion and reach as many students as possible. Due to the recent growth we would like to request TAB grant funds to keep up with our flourishing station.

Budget detail: Requested from TAB Provided by Unit Total Cost
Personnel $ $ $
Contractual Services (Installation/Training) $ $ $
Supplies $ $ $
(Hardware & software)
$3718.83 $3718.83 $3718.83
Shipping Costs $ $ $
TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED $3718.83 $3718.83 $3718.83

Justification for any personnel or supplies requested:
Describe who will benefit in terms of numbers of students and classes:
KSUA has a very broad and growing volunteer base. Often seeing over 80 students involved with the station over the course of a semester. We also have a large listener base, and viewership which consists of mostly UAF Students. Additionally, we provide services to the UAF Sun Star such as Video Content.

How does your proposal fit into UAF strategic goals and objectives?:
Our proposal fits into the UAF Strategic goals in a number of ways, and plays a big role in the overall picture of outfitting students with an interest in media and broadcast journalism.

According to goal number one "Teaching and Learning for Student Success" it is enforced that students are provided out of the classroom opportunities for learning. With the proposed technology we would have the means for equipping students with professional field kits that would allow them to get hands on experience in the realm of field recording for radio or filming for TV. The items in our proposal include everything needed to equip a student with an adequate kit for the field.

Additionally you will find the work done at KSUA correlates with goal number four "community engagement".  We are constantly engaged in community projects. We have worked with many musicians from the community on air and on film. Our Take Out Sessions feature some of fairbanks most beloved musicians. You can view one of our session videos here:

We also involve the community in countless other ways.  For example we have a show that airs every Friday afternoon called the "Downtowner" in which community members from downtown come on the show weekly to discuss recent projects and issues such as theatre productions or the "Paint the Pipes Project". We have also filmed many popular community events such as AYP, Clucking Blossom, Dancing with the Fairbanks Stars, Contradancing and much more.

Lastly our proposal fits into UAF strategic goal number five "advancement and philanthropy". This goal aims to strengthen UAF marketing and communication efforts. What better way to market and communicate the sorts of amazing things happening on campus than with its student stations.  At KSUA we are always trying to get the word out about the wonderful things happening at UAF, as well as all that the campus and local community has to offer its students. With this added technology it would really open the door for student projects in the field.

Outline the implementation schedule and staff responsible for the implementation and oversight:
Please specify the building (with room numbers, if appropriate) where the technology will be stored, installed or used:
KSUA, Constitution Hall, 303 B
Tascam Recorder: For students to record audio in the field.

Mac Book Laptop: For students to edit audio/video/photographs or other media related applications in studio or in the field.

Avid DS License: The UAF Film Department recently chose Avid as its primary editing software. In order to keep up we will need to obtain licenses for our student employees and volunteers to edit video content.

Mic Compressors: To assist students, on air, adjust their levels and gain familiarity with the broadcast equipment.

Digital Camera: For students to gain experience using a professional camera for the sake of internet media coverage as well as filming in HD.

Items Description
# of Units Unit Price Total Price
TASCAM DR-100mkII Handheld Recorder 1 329.99 329.99
Mac Book Pro 13inch 1 $1,499.00 $1,499.00
Avid DS License, educational 2 295.00 590.00
Microphone Compressors DBX 2865 3 199.95 599.85
EOS Rebel T3 Camera 1 699.99 699.99
Total     $3718.83

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