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Proposal Title Power-Dense motor for UAF electric snowmobile   Contact Name Isaac Thompson
Proposal Author Isaac Thompson   Contact Email
Area Innovative Technology & Education   Contact Phone 907 304 1499
Amount Reqested 11339.71   Group/Department Electrical Engineering
Year Fall 2012   College University Alaska fairbanks
Proposal Summary
First of all, we appreciate previous funding from the board.  Student research projects are a way for students to learn outside the classroom.  Previous funding from the board has been greatly appreciated, and we believe it has been a wise investment of this student fee.  Academic Competitions are a great way for students to learn outside the classroom. This year, the Society of Automotive Engineers UAF student chapter is competing in two design competitions. These are the SAE Clean snowmobile challenge and Shell Eco Marathon. Previously we have applied for and been funded for many small sub-systems that we required for our competitions. Last semester we combined four SAE projects into a single TAB proposal. This semester, we are requesting funding for a single YASA 400 AC motor to further our electric snowmobile development. Last year we took first place in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, a first for UAF and sending our machine and one team member to Greenland on NSF's dollar. Our machine worked almost flawlessly, although the motor was damaged (and replaced) at the competition. This year we are seeking to move away from old DC motor technology and into AC technology, taking advantage of light weight permanent magnets and liquid cooling.
We are requesting funding assistance from TAB to help our team make this upgrade a reality. 

Budget detail: Requested from TAB Provided by Unit Total Cost
Personnel $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Contractual Services (Installation/Training) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Supplies $0 $0.00 $0.00
(Hardware & software)
$11132.31 $0.00 $11132.31
Shipping Costs $207.40 $0.00 $207.40
TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED $11339.71 $0.00 $11339.71

Justification for any personnel or supplies requested:
this proposal does not include any personnel funding or supplies
Describe who will benefit in terms of numbers of students and classes:
Over 750 students in CEM will indirectly benefit, as well as the following classes which will directly benefit:
ME 302 machine design-30 students per semester
ME 487 Senior Design-30 students per semester
EE 333 microelectronics-34 students per semester
EE 493 Senior Design - 8 students per semester

The UAF chapter of SAE regularly has over 20 members, as well as other students that work on SAE related projects during the summer months. Last year 10 students traveled to Michigan to compete in the clean snowmobile challenge, as well as 8 students that traveled to Houston to compete in the Eco Marathon.
In addition to traveling students, these competitions benefit everyone at UAF, in that winning international competitions helps to show that UAF is a school worth attending. We are building an entirely new machine this year, which will allow last year's machine to be used for many testing purposes by anyone interested in snowmobile research, in areas such as track efficiency, noise emissions, weight, and pulling power. 
How does your proposal fit into UAF strategic goals and objectives?:
Goal 6 of UAF's strategic plan says:
"The University will provide students, faculty, and staff the facilities and technology they need to most effectively pursue their research, education, and public service goals."

Our proposal fits with UAF's goals and objectives in that we are requesting the use of TAB funding to pursue cutting edge technology. Internal combustion snowmobiles are simply not a practical choice in many village situations, and are becoming even less so with rising fuel costs. Increased electric vehicle use, especially during winter months, will greatly help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The purchase and implementation of this highly advanced electric motor will serve to demonstrate that electric snowmobiles are indeed possible, and that we are no longer entirely reliant on fossil fuel use.
Outline the implementation schedule and staff responsible for the implementation and oversight:
UAF currently uses 4 snowmobiles as trail grooming machines.  Our hope is that these machines can eventually be replaced with electric machines.
Our proposal will reduce energy consumption in that the electric motor is greater than 90% efficient. Stock motors that come in snowmobiles are only 20% efficient. by replacing the engine with an electric motor, we can reduce energy use by 70%. Although the machine will still require energy from the power plant, it will be a fraction of the cost of using fuel.

Sept, Oct: cad drawings of motor will be received from YASA and motor mounts will be designed to mount motor into machine
November: purchase motor and arrange shipping from UK
December: mount motor in machine and test controller
Jan-march: continue testing and improving machine.
march 5-10: compete at Clean snowmobile challenge.
April: complete follow-up and write up about motor and control system

Staff responsible:
Michael Golub-Oversight
Isaac Thompson-motor mount design and logistics
Ben Neubaer-motor testing
Please specify the building (with room numbers, if appropriate) where the technology will be stored, installed or used:
Room 231 Duckering
The manufacturer has given us a bid of 7,000 GBP for the motor. At today's exchange rate, this is $11,132.31. Should the motor be damaged in use, the manufacturer will repair it  for the cost of parts, which we will cover.

Items Description
# of Units Unit Price Total Price
YASA-400 motor 1 11132.31 11132.31
Fedex Shipping from UK to Alaska 1 207.40 207.40
Total     $11339.71

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