TAB SPRING Deadline:

Friday, February 14, 2014

TAB Proposal Guidelines

Welcome to the website for the Technology Advisory Board at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Our mission is to provide recommendations to the UAF Chancellor on the best use of the funds generated by the Technology Fee.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit a proposal?
Click on the the "Login to TAB" link in the menu on the left side of this page. You will need your UA AUTHSERV user name and password (same as Blackboard).

Click on the "Submit" button after completing your proposal. Use the "Save for Later" or "Update" buttons frequently to avoid losing your work. 

Proposals will be forwarded to your department head (for faculty and staff) or ASUAF (for students).

Who can submit proposals?
TAB funds are the result of fees collected from UAF students on a per course basis. Other UA campuses collect their own student fees and are not eligible for UAF monies. Thus only faculty, staff and students taking courses from UAF (and paying the technology fee) can submit proposals to TAB for this competition. TVC and rural campuses are not eligible as they collect their own fees.

What will these proposals cover?
Each proposal must focus on technology of direct benefit to students either in the classroom or related educational/learning activities. Proposals have covered a wide variety of projects from enhancing software available to students in the classroom to new technology that assists students with analysis of lab problems to case-hardened computers linked with GPS systems for geology field work. TAB has interpreted "innovative technology" rather broadly but focuses on "innovative."

What is the Technology Fee?
The technology fee is a $5 per credit hour additional charge for you to attend classes at UAF, UAA or UAS. It should add up to 200K-250K every semester for UAF. The official minutes of the April 18, 1997 Board of Regents meeting describe the motion that instated the fee.

Who must pay the fee?
All those enrolled as students at UAF will be subject to this fee on a per credit hour basis.

Where will it be spent?
Money paid by UAF students will remain at UAF to enhance student access to technology.
What is "Technology?"
The members of the technology board consider 'technology' in its broadest sense. It is not limited to computers.

Who is on the Board?
The board is comprised of nine voting members and three ex-officio members. The voting members are comprised of two faculty (one from faculty senate and one from the provost), two staff members (from staff council) one graduate student (from GSO) and four undergraduate students (three from ASUAF and one from student services). The ex-officio members include the Dean of Student Services, the Director of Accounting and Business Operations and the Provost.

Questions about the Proposal Process, TAB activities or other information? Contact the TAB Board at