UAF Office of Sustainability Newsletter

Vol 4, January 2011

Recycling at the Blue and Gold

orange, yellow and green dumpsters
New colors dumpsters at UAF Recycling Collection Site. UAF photo by Michele Hebert.

Adopt a dumpster program

Initiating a recycling program, even with used equipment, costs a lot. To help provide support funds, an "adopt a dumpster" program was created. Individuals, organization and businesses can adopt a dumpster for $1000. Their name will be displayed on the front. So far we have received three donations in the first week. If you are interested, contact Michele Hebert at or 907-388-6085.

Green Tips of the month:

New Years resolutions that really matter

Pick out a few to help the environment in 2011...

1) I resolve to set up a center at home to recycle all aluminum, paper, glass and plastic.

2) I resolve to bring my own reusable bags for shopping.

3) I resolve to turn off and unplug all electronics equipment and chargers when not in use.

4) I resolve to purchase LED or CFL light bulbs at home.

5) I resolve to turn down my thermostat to 68 degrees.

6) I resolve to install a low flow shower head and take 5 minute showers.

7) I resolve to wash clothes in cold water.

8) I resolve to print only when necessary and print or copy on double sided.

9) I resolve to reduce bulk mail and catalogs by visiting

10) I resolve to make an effort to buy local, organic, sustainable and fair trade products.

11) I resolve to use my own reusable water bottle, coffee cup and food containers.

12) I resolve to buy or donate used items.

13) I resolve to walk, bike, carpool or take a bus whenever possible.

14) I resolve to purchase carbon offsets to balance my own greenhouse gas emissions at

15) I resolve to buy only Energy Star appliances and electronics.

16) I resolve to use recycle paper products i.e. napkins, paper towels, copy paper.

17) I resolve to determine my impact on the planet by completing a carbon footprint calculation. Learn more at

Twelve Sustainability Student Projects approved by Chancellor

Twice annually the Student RISE Board and Office of Sustainability accept proposals to support UAF’s sustainability initiatives. Preference is given to projects that invest in energy efficiency programs and renewable energy projects. RISE is an associated student board. The goal of the grant program is to endorse promising student ideas for a more sustainable future.

This fall, 12 student-led projects were chosen to be funded, totaling $70,252 in allocated funding. The RISE Board evaluated the project proposals and forwarded their to the Chancellor for funding. A list of the funded projects can be found below.

One of the projects enthusiastically supported was Water Bottle Testing Stations. By the end of spring semester, water bottle filling stations will be set up in Wood Center and the MBS dormitory complex. There will be monitors checking for usage to see how much water is used and how many plastic bottles “saved.” Student Sambit Masra worked with plumbers from Facilities Services to design the systems, which have activated charcoal filtration to insure that the water tastes good and is free of pollutants.

The largest benefit to UAF is a lower amount of plastic bottles being used. “If the program with two filling stations is success, students hope to eventually have stations spread across campus and clean drinking water everywhere,” says submitter Sambit Masra.

Proposals for the next round are due in February. For information on the proposal process or to view funded projects in more detail, go to

Fall 2011 Sustainability Student Projects Funded

green bike
  • Water Bottle Filling Stations $10,000
  • Replacement of Old Laboratory Refrigerator With New Energy Efficient Refrigerator $1000
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certification for UAF Printing Services $3500
  • Sustainable Art Show $500
  • SRC Solar PV 30 KW Project: Phase I - Prescriptive Specs $23,000
  • LED installation in the Facilities Services Greenhouse $8160
  • Replacement of Aging Refrigeration Equipment with Modern Efficient Environmentally Friendly Equipment $176
  • Applied Hydrogen Generator for Improved Efficiencies and Emissions $1300
  • Electric Snowmobile $3000
  • Cutler Conservation Project, Dormitory Energy Usage Competition) $500
  • Phase 2 : Electric Shuttle Van $8566
  • UAF Green Bikes $10,500

Intro to Sustainable Energy Course

UAF Bristol Bay Campus will be offering Introduction to Sustainable Energy Course. The instructor isDr. Tomas Marsik. The course is 3 credits and available via distance delivery (online and by phone).

This course focuses on energy use and production in society and its environmental impacts. Problems discussed are mainly related to the extent of the sustainability of current practices. The solutions presented revolve around energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The class runs from January 18, 2011- May 4, 2011, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:50 p.m.-8:20 p.m. Call 907-842-5109 to register.

Make your commute work for you

The average Alaska Vanpooler saved more than $10,000 last year.

Van pooling goes places the city bus does not. The Fairbanks North Star Borough including UAF has started a vanpool program to help commuters save money by providing resident of neighborhood a means of riding to work together.

We’re looking for vanpool riders to join our group. It’s EASY and enjoyable. To see if the locations and working hours fit your commute, call 1-800-VAN-RIDE or visit VPSI's Alaska page today.

Download the Vanpool application here!

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