UAF Office of Sustainability Newsletter

Vol 3, December 2010

Recycling at the Blue and Gold

red glass recycling bins
Recycling at UAF now includes glass.

Green Tips of the month:

LED lights

How to have a green Christmas:

  • Make wrapping paper from comics, bags etc.
  • Use energy saving LED Christmas lights
  • Use local foods
  • Give a green gift or one that gives back
  • Recycle your Christmas tree

New Sustainability Course offered at UAF

Students will learn the framework of sustainable food systems in a new course being offered at UAF through the School of Natural Resources, beginning spring semester 2011.

“Comparative Farming and Sustainable Food Systems,” a 3-credit course, came about because of student demand. Prof. Craig Gerlach said he's been getting many requests to teach the course, once offered as a special topics class.

For more detailed info go to:

RISE grant program funds a UAF green bike program

green bike

Emissions from transportation contribute over a third of total greenhouse gases and currently come almost completely from non-renewable sources.

To shift UAF’s energy usage towards renewable sources, students Michaela Swanson, Ben Abbott and Lorien Nettleton wanted to increase bicycle use on and around campus by developing a library of bicycles that students can check out for the afternoon/semester/year. They submitted a proposal through the new RISE grant program, and the proposal was funded this fall.

A student bike shop will be operated through Outdoor Adventures and will be jointly overseen with the Office of Sustainability. Students envision it benefiting the entire student body, but particularly students who recently moved to the area (who may not have their own bicycles) and students just starting to consider bike commuting. The student bike shop would also benefit students with their own bikes who want to learn maintenance skills.

The student bike shop will be open several days a week to help students with maintenance and will check the bikes out. Clinics and workshops will be offered on a monthly basis on bike/sustainability topics.

Make your commute work for you.

The average Alaska Vanpooler saved more than $10,000 last year.

Van pooling goes places the city bus does not. The Fairbanks North Star Borough including UAF has started a vanpool program to help commuters save money by providing resident of neighborhood a means of riding to work together.

We’re looking for vanpool riders to join our group. It’s EASY and enjoyable. To see if the locations and working hours fit your commute, call 1-800-VAN-RIDE or visit VPSI's Alaska page today.

Download the Vanpool application here!

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