UAF Office of Sustainability Newsletter
Vol 1, October 2010


Recycling at the Blue and Gold

paper recycling dumpsters

September 30, 2010 marked the start of campuswide paper and cardboard recycling.  This is the beginning of an effort to recycle 100 percent of the University’s waste.  All the collected paper will be taken to K & K Recycling, Inc. to be burned cleanly to generate electricity.  The paper will be feedstock for a cogeneration heat and power (CHP) biomass plant. 

K & K  will be weighing the loads so we can track how much paper waste is being diverted.  Recycling paper saves both landfill space and dumping fees. It is a win-win situation.  We are no longer talking waste stream, we are talking resource stream. Updated information on dumpster location and paper recycling guidelines is available online.

Meet and Greet: November 1, 2010

Who:  You!
Where:  Wood Campus Center
When:  Monday, November 1, 2010 from 11-2pm.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to visit with Michele Hebert, UAF Sustainability Coordinator, and the ASUAF RISE board.  This will be an opportunity to share your suggestions and recommendations for UAF sustainability.  It will also be an opportunity for students to see how their sustainability fee is being or will be spent.  Please come by and share your ideas.

Green Tip of the month:

michele hebert with mug

Bring your own mug (BYO-Mug)

Switching from paper cups to reusable mugs for your hot winter drinks not only warm your insides but warms your heart. 

Carrying a reusable mug saves so much senseless waste that there is really no reason to do anything else. This month you have a unique opportunity to get a beautiful ceramic mug while supporting KUAC FM.  

Putting grounds into the ground

Instead of sending coffee grounds to landfill, put them into your garden, even in winter.  Just spread them over the snow or soil.  In the spring, the grounds will decompose providing rich nutrients to the plants and microorganisms.

Recycle that pumpkin


Adding pumpkins to your trash bags makes them heavy and fills up space at the landfill.  Rather than throwing it away, recycling is the responsible and earth-friendly thing to do. 

If you do not like pumpkin, you can always find a hungry moose or neighbor such as myself that never has too much homemade pumpkin pie.

Definition of the month: Sustainability

Sustainability is a process resolving the conflict between the various competing goals, and involves the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity famously known as three dimensions. It is a continually evolving process; the 'journey' is of course vitally important, but only as a means of getting to the destination.

^ Hasna, A. M. (2007). "Dimensions of sustainability". Journal of Engineering for Sustainable Development: Energy, Environment, and Health 2 (1): 47–57.

2011 Theme Contest

green arrows recycling logo

Create a new theme for UAF Sustainability and win UAF Apparel!

The Office of Sustainability is holding a contest to determine the 2011 sustainability theme for UAF.  A theme example could be Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -

but we're looking for some originality and creativity. If you have an idea, please submit it online by November 15. 

Funding Opportunity:

Deadline extended! 

The RISE Board and Office of Sustainability are accepting student proposals for fall 2010. The request guidelines for proposals and submission form are available online.  Proposals must be submitted online by Monday, November 8, 2010.

Sustainable Student of the Month

sustainability bear logo

The Office of Sustainability Student of the month is Heather Curry. Heather is an ASUAF Rise Board member, co-president of the Sustainable Campus Task Force, and volunteer and promoter for all things green. She helped organize UAF Earth Day events, Green Star Recycling Events, and Clean Up Days annually.  These are but a few ways she is working to green the community. 

Though it is hard to pick out just one of her talents and efforts to highlight, the Office of Sustainability is most appreciative of all the works she did in developing the UAF Sustainability website. I hope you can get the opportunity to work with Heather by getting involved in the Sustainable Campus Task Force, which meets at the Wood Center Mondays at 5:30 p.m.  If you see Heather on campus, please thank her for all she does and share your ideas for making UAF more sustainable.

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