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Green Bikes History

UAF Green Bikes is a student-funded organization that offers long term bike rentals and mechanical help. A funding proposal for the program was submitted to the newly-created RISE Board in Fall of 2010 by graduate students Ben Abbott and Michaela Swanson. In Spring of 2011 a twenty bike fleet was acquired and three mechanics were hired and trained. Under the supervision of UAF’s Outdoor Adventures the program experienced rapid growth.
Now supervised by the UAF Office of Sustainability the Green Bikes program maintains 100 bikes, offers regular clinics, maintains weekly mechanic office hours, hosts bike film screenings and works with local officials to promote a safer environment for cyclists.
To facilitate this growth we plan on working with local bike shops, connecting with cyclist groups, and helping with community events including ‘Bike to Work Week’ and ‘Earth Day’ celebrations.     

Our Goals

The purpose of the UAF Green Bikes program is to educate and empower students while promoting bicycle use on campus.

To meet our goals we maintain and provide long-term bicycle rentals for students, low-cost short-term rentals, clinics covering both mechanical and riding skills, and act as a hub for cycling advocacy and outreach on campus.

We Need Used Bikes!

If you have an extra bike laying around and are interested in donating it to the program, please contact us! 

Please keep in mind that, while all donations are greatly appreciated, we may need to inspect your bike to asses the number of mechnic hours and amount of parts needed to get it road-ready before it can be accepted.

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