FAQ's About UAF Recycling

Three part recycling bin
  • What types of things are recycled at UAF? Facilities Services is currently recycling mixed-paper and cardboard by providing dedicated individual paper recycling trash cans at employee desk or work areas. The Office of Sustainability recycles many other things.
  • How do I get a paper recycling bin? Request a bin by calling 474-5070
  • How do I recycle cardboard? Cardboard boxes should be flattened and then placed with other mixed paper in paper recycling bins.
  • Do the custodians empty the paper recycling bins? Yes, the custodians will empty bins when they are full. Timing will depend on how much paper you recycle.
  • Are staples and plastic window envelopes ok? Yes, for more information see the paper recycling chart.
  • Is the university recycling plastic? Plastic collection is currently limited to the dorms and other areas for data collection. #1 and #2 plastics can be recycled at the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.
  • What other types of things are recycled? The Office of Sustainability is also recycling batteries, cell phones, ink cartridges, aluminum, and tin cans. Contact 474-5070 to find the location of the bin closest to you. Please view our recycling chart for more specifics.
  • What do I do if the recycling bins are full? Call us at 474-5070 for pick up.
  • Will UAF be expanding the recycling program? Yes. UAF is planning on creating several transfer stations for paper, plastic, glass and aluminum as dumpsters are made available. A station has already been put into place in the Taku parking lot.
  • How do I recycle textbooks? Textbooks can be recycled along with any other type of paper. If you are recycling a small number, they can be placed in a blue paper recycling bin. However, if you are planning on recycling a large volume, contact Facilities by phone at 474-7000.
  • Where does all the recycling at UAF go? After the recycling materials are collected at UAF, they are transported to K & K Recycling Inc.
  • Is shredded paper recycled differently? Yes, it is. Please place all shredded material in a clear plastic bag. Put bagged shredded paper next to a paper recycling bin, or in a dumpster marked for paper and cardboard.
  • Can I financially sponsor part of the recycling program? There are several ways to financially support the program through the Adopt a Dumpster or Recycling Station program. Contact the Office of Sustainability for information, mamouton@alaska.edu.
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