★ Hey UAF dorm residents! Are you ready to “Do It in the Dark?” ★

The Office of Sustainability and the Department of Residence Life have teamed up to bring you the 2012 UAF Dorm Energy Competition: Do It in the Dark. Download a flyer here.

From April 2–23 dorm residents will compete to see who can reduce energy usage by the largest percentage. Data will be tracked by the Building Dashboard. Anyone can visit the dashboard to check out how the dorms are doing (and several other campus buildings not in this competition).

The purpose of this competition is to reduce energy use, create awareness of energy conservation, and encourage residents to take an active role in sustainability efforts on campus.


List of competing dorms: Bartlett, Cutler, Harwood, Lathrop, McIntosh, Moore, Nerland, Skarland, Stevens, Wickersham.

The winner will be determined by comparing each hall’s baseline energy use to the usage during the competition. The dorm which reduces its electricity consumption by the largest percentage will earn $500 towards a low-energy prize of their choice. UAF’s Dorm Energy Challenge is a part of a national energy saving competition, the Campus Conservation Nationals.

For more information contact UAF Sustainability or visit the UAF Energy Dashboard. Please like UAF Sustainability and Recycling on Facebook to get updates!


Energy saving ideas: 8 tips to help you win the competition!

1) Unplug anything electric in your dorm. Even when electric appliances are turned off, they consume a small amount of electricity– often called “vampire power.”
2) Freeze water in containers outside, unplug your fridge and put the frozen containers inside.
3) Turn lights out when possible.
4) Avoid the elevator- use the stairs! You will saves electricity, and climbing a flight of stairs burns 16 calories.
5) Wash clothes in full loads with cold water, then air dry.
6) Replace incandescent with fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs.
7) Don’t use an electric heater.
8) Use laptops whenever possible; laptops use 80 percent less electricity than desktops.

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