UAF Sustainability Webinars

This page highlights the videos and presentations from 2011 including The Sustainable Buildings and Community Design Course and UAF Sustainable Village Student Design Competition. Click on the links below to be taken directly to the site housing each seminar. Please note the content in the webinar was current when the webinar was broadcast, but may become outdated. Contact the Office of Sustainability if you have any questions,

Introduction to Sustainability, Student Design Competition, CCHRC Research Efforts and Tour of CCHRC Facility (video saved in 3 parts)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A Sustainable Communities Model - Bernie Karl, K&K Recycling Inc, Chena Hot Springs

Living Off the Grid – Rorik Peterson, UAF Mechanical Engineering and Seth Danielson, UAF Institute of Marine Science

Rainwater Catchment – Tom Zimmer, Calypso Farm and Ecology Center

Creative Integration to an Alaska Passive House – Thorsten Chlupp, Reina Properties

Calypso Farm and Ecology Center – Susan Willsrud, Calypso Farm and Ecology Center
Starting a Community Garden – Michele Hebert, Office of Sustainability UAF

Traditional Wisdom About Sustainability – Molly Lee, UAF Emeritus, 0-58:44
Alaskan Soil and Foundations – Yuri Shur, UAF Engineering, 58:44-115.25
Energy Efficient Waste Water Treatment – Bob Tsigonus, Lifewater Engineering Company, 115.37-176.29
Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Masonry Heaters – Collin Craven, CCHRC, 177.40-207.50
Living Machine Waste Water Treatment – Henry Cole
, 207.50-220.51

Natural and Energy Efficient Lighting - Elizabeth Johnston, Design Alaska

Alternative Energy Technology - Bruno C. Grunau, CCHRC

UAF Sustainable Village Student Design Competition 2011 Awards Presentation

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