Office of Sustainability Student Staff

Iris Fabrizio first attended UAF in 2005 before the Office of Sustainability had been created. When she returned in the fall of 2013 she was excited to see the progress that the office had made on campus and was eager to become a part of the team as an Office Assistant. She performs various tasks including website design & upkeep, project coordination, event planning, and many other long and short term duties that come up. Iris is pursuing Bachelor's degrees in Journalism and the Natural Science's and plans to get into  science communication. In her free time she enjoys creating art, reading, writing, arithmetic, traveling, fantastic adventures and coffee.

I'm Richard Parker and I'm working as a projects assistant. I started as a freshman here at UAF back in fall of 2011 after growing up and going to school in Edina, Minnesota. I'll be graduating spring 2016 majoring in economics, with minors in history and finance. I've always had a passion for sustainability, thanks largely to my upbringing with two hippies as parents. I started work in this office early 2014 as a recycler and really enjoy making this campus become more sustainable. In my free time I enjoy anything outdoors, nerding out with friends, and the Pub! 

Hello! My name is Rodney Carpluk and I am a student worker at UAF. I already have one degree, but I am seeking a more applicable degree. I enjoy hiking, camping, and spending time with my family. I love to travel and to meet new people and see new places. I enjoy helping others and doing good work. The Office of Sustainability is a great place to do both of those.

My name is Dallon Knight and I am a bicycle mechanic with OoS. I have worked here since May 2013 and have been in Alaska since August 2012. I am a chemistry major here at UAF and plan on being a pharmacist. I love to ride bikes, fish, hang out, and play board games. Working at OoS has been fun. It is great to be able to help people with their bikes, and give those who don’t have a bike something to ride.

Isaac Peacock

Alexander (Xander) Bergman was pleased to be hired during the summer of 2011 to assist with UAF’s first ever Carbon Footprint Report and the Nanook Grown Student Farm. With interests in ecology and the field of Natural Resources management in general, he enters the campus scene fresh from the creation of a recycling program at his high school, West Valley. Alexander is also a volunteer at Calypso Farm and Ecology Center and Turning Light Farm.

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