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UAF Sustainability Plan Available for Download

The UAF Sustainability Plan is online and available for download!

UAF is Listed as One of the Top 50 Greenest Universities in America!

Read the article here. 

Plastics Recycling

UAF is no longer to accept plastics for recycling at this time. K & K Recycling, the company that processes recycling for UAF, has stopped accepting plastic. The company has stated that they cannot handle the volume of plastics recycling produced in the Fairbanks area.  

Until a solution can be found there is an option for those that wish to recycle some plastics. The Fairbanks Rescue Mission has a limited plastic recycling program and can accept No. 1 and No. 2 plastics that have been cleaned. No. 1 and No. 2 plastics include soda/water bottles, milk jugs, some juice containers and laundry detergent bottles. 
Here at UAF we are still able to accept aluminum, glass, cardboard, paper and tin. Plastic bins are being pulled across campus; please do not place your plastics in other bins! Plastic bins that are part of all-in-one units are still in place and the contents are being weighed for tracking only. These bins are labeled with signage explaining the situation. We hope to have a solution soon. Thank you!  

Current Ranking

Grand Champion 166 of 222

Per Capita Classic 198 of 335

Gorilla 195 of 337

Waste Minimization 30 of 144

Paper 40 of 143

Corrugated Cardboard 92 of 166

Bottles & Cans 79 of 144

Food Service Organics 126 of 175

UAF is developing its first ever Sustainability Plan (SP)

UAF has developed its first ever Sustainability Plan (SP). The SP outlines a detailed path for sustainability goals, strategies, action steps, and ways to measure progress across a variety of topic areas.  To find out more go to the Sustainailbity Plan page and view the complete plan.

UAF Students Claim Contest Win with Apps

Read the article in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner here.

Screenshot of winning app

R.I.S.E. Board now accepting applications for student representatives. Apply now to have a voice in how your $20 / semester sustainability fee is spent!

View & compare real-time energy & water use information of buildings across campus. How does YOUR building measure up? Click on the image to the left to check out the Energy Dashboard.    

Are you interested in growing your own food, but don't have the space? Do you want to have a garden of your own, but need a little guidance to get started? Check out the UAF Campus Community Garden

Don't forget to take the Sustainability Pledge!

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