Classical Greece: October 12-28, 2014

House Peloponnese

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Discover the marvels of classical Greece while exploring ancient sites. Our journey begins in Athens, the home of the Acropolis and the Parthenon.   The program includes a journey through the Peloponnese with visits to Sparta; Olympia, the site for the Ancient Olympic Games; and Delphi, the site of the Temple to Apollo, the god of the Sun. Returning to Athens we head out on a ferry to spend the next six days enjoying and exploring the Greek islands of Naxos where according to legend the Greek god Zeus was raised in a cave.   We’ll visit Santorini known for its colorful houses and buildings set into cliffs, its sapphire waters, and black sand beaches. There we will witness an active volcano and finally, travel to Akrotiri to visit a unique archaeological site, Minoan Bronze Age settlement, destroyed in the Theran eruption around 1500BC.

Important Note:This program is designed for healthy active individuals who on any given day are prepared to walk for 1–3 hours (up to 3 miles) on rough ground and are able to handle climbing uneven stairs easily.

Program fee includes: transportation in country, rooms, educational programs, entrance fees, meals and tips. The program fee does not include travel to and from Greece or passport fees.

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Program Fee: $4,600 per person; based on double-occupancy; single occupancy, supplement $650

The Galapagos Islands and Mainland Ecuador

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Program Summary: The evolutionary story of the Galápagos Islands has been told many times but only through immersing yourself in their splendor can you truly appreciate the impressive forces that shape nature here and around the globe. Embark on the Samba to explore this tropical, volcanic archipelago plentiful in charismatic wildlife unafraid of you or your camera. The Captain and crew of the Samba are devoted to making your journey the trip of a lifetime. Very few trips will conjugate the wonders of the “Enchanted Islands” with the richness of Biodiversity, Culture, Cuisine and Folklore of Ecuador. Travel from Mangroves on the basin of the Guayas River and climb to the Páramo of Cajas above 10,000 feet! We stopover at Cuenca, a city that is a vivid reminder of the colonial times and that will enhance our journey with flavors of highlands of our country. From the markets and hot springs of the Andes we endeavor to the heart of the Amazon Basin. The Amazon Rainforest is home to about 2.5 million insect species, tens of thousands of plants, and some 2,000 birds and mammals. Explore the most diverse jungle on the face o this earth, home of the Achuar people. The rainforest is the Achuars’ nourishing mother, and within this living web of forest trails, streams and rivers, they know virtually every plant, tree and animal. Here, they fish, hunt, and grow their crops as they have always done. The Achuar maintain a remarkable and intimate relation with nature and its processes.

The Galapagos Islands and Mainland Ecuador

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Program Dates: December 28th of 2015 through January 13th of 2016.

COST:   $6,900.00 per person on double occupancy. All costs included (transportation to and from Ecuador is not included)

Meals from dinner on December 28th of 2015 through breakfast on January 13th of 2016.

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