Welcome to Summer Sessions!

The Summer Sessions program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is an exceptional opportunity for students to enhance their educational goals in a concentrated time period and for community members to take part in some of the innovative and unusual classes taught by outstanding faculty and guest lecturers.

Centennial Celebration Speaker Series

Join journalist Robert Hannon for converations with these five notable figures who shaped the course of UAF history. Sunday afternoons at 4 pm in the Elvey Building Auditorium. A public reception will follow each event.

Travel to Chile this Fall

Explore the diverse physical landscapes of Chile, including the Pacific coast, the Andes Mountains, the Lake District, and the Atacama Desert, and discover the archaeology, history, and culture of this fascinating country. Visit our travel page for more details.

Down Memory Lane Series

Join us most Mondays at 7 pm in the Elvey Building Auditorium for a stroll down Memory Lane. In honor of UAF’s 100th anniversary we have invited distinguished retired faculty to share with us their wisdom, memories and highlights from their careers at UAF. Join veteran journalist Robert Hannon for a stimulating conversation with our honored guests.

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